Ahmedabad Times of India
February 27, 1999

Fr. Cedric Prakash s.j.
President, United Christian Forum for Human Rights

Straight answers

On conversions and related issues

Is it true that Christian missionaries are offering ‘economic incentives’ to tribals and dalits to make them convert?
Totally false. What incentive can a nun, bereft of property and material wealth, working in a colony of ostracised lepers offer? A missionary tries to communicate God’s peace, love and justice by establishing a social order where equality and the dignity of human beings is realised for all.

Do you think the Christians are being persecuted as a part of a systematic campaign sponsored by the state?
It is apparently so. How else can one explain that till today the state has not publicly condemned the attacks on minorities; Why is it that these attacks which have created news the world over do not even get a passing mention in the governor’s address? The perpetrators of these attacks and those who make inflammatory speeches are still ruling the roost. Finally, the census targeting Christians and Muslims established the gov’s hand beyond any reasonable doubt.

Who called the dharna in Sarangpur?
It was initiated by certain eminent and secular-minded citizens of the majority community who were calling for the immediate withdrawal of the census.

Iqbal Anand