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  • Lecture on "The Enlargement of EU and the NGDOs" conference (Wien, 1998)
  • "Parliament of Peoples'" Strasbourg, 1992
  • The philosophical background of environment protection
  • JUVENIS - Newsletter of Kairos Jeunesse - 5th Anniversary Edition 1997
  • European Kairos Document full text
  • György Bulányi : Churches and Minorities
  • Heinrich Boll: Talking on a bench

    by Ulrich Duchrow

  • Economic Alternatives (by Ulrich Duchrow and Martin Gueck)
  • Global Economy (A Confessional Issue For The Churches?)
  • Europe In The World System (Is Justice Possible?)
  • Alternatives to Global Capitalism (Drawn from biblical history, designed for political action)

    by Donella H. Meadows adjunct professor of environmental studies at Dartmouth College

  • The Global Citizen - a column at The People-Centered Development Forum - dozens of articles
    Supported by the European Commission DG VIII, Directorate-General for Development