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I work as a Methodist Deacon in Scunthorpe within a project addressing social exclusion. It seems that matters are getting worse, not better.It is imperative that we meet the call of the Kairos.
Ray Fox <>
Scunthorpe - - Tuesday, February 20, 2001 at 07:44:21
This is a site with great potential.
Jonathan Bach <>
New York City, NY USA - - Sunday, February 18, 2001 at 03:24:14
Having just read "Alternatives to Global Capitalism" by Ulrich Duchrow I wanted to see what Kairos Europa was doing today. I am very interested in the idea that the Hebrew Scripture has much to teach about the present unjust economy. Keep up the good work.
Stuart Auchincloss <>
Near New York City, USA - - Saturday, August 14, 1999 at 04:18:31
Szia Cilkó. Itt is fel lehet téged lelni?
Bíbor Dávid <> - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 16:34:42
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Fülep Dávid <> - Friday, September 11, 1998 at 10:54:55