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E-mail chat-list on Development Education
Issue 1.
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Subject: Welcome to the Grazroots (Development Education) chat list
The Kairos Europa, the Grassroots (Luton, GB) and the BOCS
Foundation (H)

welcomes you to the

e-mail chat-list
on Development Education

Such listservers are to share alerts, documents, ideas. Please send only
simple text. (Pictures, audio-video materials can be shared on the Web.)

The name of this chat-list ("Grazroots") comes from the big Graz '97
event of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation process, so besides the
Development Education issues, you can use it for Graz follow-up too.

You can send your contributions to the following address (or use reply):

Please let us know those e-mail addresses what you suggest to involve
into this chat! Please popularise this chat-list!

To subscribe, send a message to the following address:

and write

subscribe grazroots.eng

in the subject field.

To leave the chat-list, write to the same address the same way:

unsubscribe grazroots.eng

Materials of the conference are accessible on the Website of the

We wish useful co-operation for the participants

Best regards


Gyula Simonyi (
Katalin Simonyi (
David Fulep (