European Ecumenical Coalition for Graz 1997
Europäisches Ökumenisches Aktionsbündnis für Graz 1997
Réseau européen oecuménique pour Graz 1997
Európai Ökumenikus Koalíció Graz '97

Dear Friends,

This letter addresses each Eastern- and Central-European Christian group, from any denomination, that is interested in taking part in the Second Ecumenical European Assembly in Graz, June 1997.
This process entitled 'Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation' (known better as the Conciliar Process) had its first meeting in Basel, 1989. Eastern- and Central-Europe were poorly represented. Now the Second Assembly takes place in Graz, close to the border between Eastern- and Western-Europe. One of the aims behind this is to strengthen the participation from Eastern/Central-Europe. About 30-40 thousand visitors are expected to come to the Assembly, apart from several hundred official delegates representing the leadership of different Christian churches, and several hundred participants from basegroups and networks having at least one of the three topics (Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation) in focus.
The European Ecumenical Coalition Graz'97, authorized by the official organisers, plans to create an Ecumenical Village in the Graz trade centre. This Village is to be the main base-organisation of the Assembly, with the contributions of groups organised from below.
The Coalition includes almost hundred groups and networks from Western-Europe. Although it is responsible only for the Ecumenical Village, its members take part in other events of the Assembly as well: in pilgrimages towards Graz, in the Dialogue Fora (altogether 18 fora within three days), in the Hearings (any group can initiate a hearing by applying to the organisers), in the Market of Possibilities (participation by applying to the organisers), and in the Peace House (organised by the peace groups within the Coalition).
The BOCS Foundation, on behalf of the Coalition, wishes to encourage a strong Eastern- and Middle-European participation. Therefore we send this letter and its enclosures in Hungarian, English and German to hundreds of Christian groups in the region, to make them aware of the Assembly and of the possibility to join the Coalition. Please find enclosed
- a leaflet of the Graz'97 event
- self-understanding of the Ecumenical Coalition Graz'97
- a questionnaire for groups/networks wishing to participate in the Assembly
- application form of the preparatory meeting held in October, for those wishing to take part in the Ecumenical Village.
We therefore ask all those Christian groups from Eastern- and Central-Europe that focus on at least one of the three topics (Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation) and are interested in participating in the Assembly Graz'97 to fill in and send back the questionnaire enclosed. Those who, more specifically, want to take part in the Ecumenical Village, under the auspices of the Coalition, we hereby invite to a first preparatory meeting in Szekesfehervar. We require these latter groups to send back the application form as well (latest by the end of September). Because of our limited sources, please do not travel without having received our invitation.
Feel free to share our letter and its enclosures with others, groups and individuals, who may be interested but have not heard of the Assembly and the Coalition yet.
Hoping for a strong Eastern/Central-European participation,

yours sincerely,

Déry Nóra, program coordinator
Simonyi Gyula, president of the board

BOCS Foundation
H-8003 Szfvár, Pf.7.

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