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Church & Peace 1949-1999
50 years of Ecumenical Dialogue and Peace Witness

“love Truth and Peace”
Zechariah 8:19b

Anniversary Symposium
28-30 May 1999 - Bienenberg (near Basel)

Church & Peace

In 1949 the European Historic Peace Churches Committee assembled for the first time in response to the World Council of Churches' invitation to participate in the post-war discussion of the churches’ theology of war and peace. These representatives of the Historic Peace Churches in North America, the International Fellowship of Reconciliation and European Mennonites and Quakers strove to enter into dialogue with Christian churches in Europe and explore the meaning of the calling to become peace churches. This led to the organisation of a European and ecumenical network of peace churches and Christian communities and service organisations committed to the peace church vision, which received the name "Church & Peace" in 1975.

The formation of a peace church network is a continual process. Thus the 50th anniversary of the Church and Peace movement is an occasion to remember beginnings, to thank those who have provided direction for this movement and to discuss creative ways to respond to the challenges facing us today.

Church and Peace invites you to be a part of this celebration on 28-30 May 1999 at the Bienenberg near Basel, Switzerland.

Programme Highlights

Friday, 28 May
Anniversary presentation

The significance of the peace churches for the church of Christ today
Dr. Wolfgang Lienemann, Theological Institute; Bern

Saturday, 29 May

Voices from the Past
Guidelines for the Future

What should the next generation know about the peace church vision? (Interview)
Wilfried Warneck, former C&P General Secretary, President, Ecumenical Services/Shalom Services, Nienburg
Doris Reymond, former C&P Francophone Regional Coordinator, Audincourt

What should the next generation know about nonviolent social change? (Interview)
Dr. Hildegard Goss-Mayr, Honorary IFOR President, Vienna
Pascal Gentner, Former EIRENE Volunteer, Cologne

Artistic Expressions of Faith

Prayer and the Powers : How do we pray for peace?
Eleanor Kreider, C&P Britain and Ireland Committee, Chairperson, Mennonite Board of Missions Worker; Oxford

Living sculptures (Theatre)
Thierry Husser, YMCA Alsace Region Director, Strasbourg

Theological Reflection

Articulating our vision and belief : Renewing our commitment to the peace of Christ
Albrecht Herrmann, Pastor, Markdorf Lutheran Church
Alan Kreider, Mennonite Board of Missions Worker, Oxford
Marie-Noelle von der Recke, C&P Chairperson, Laufdorf

Current Challenges for the Peace Church in Europe

Joint Responsibility in a Changing Europe (Dialogue forum)
Anke Kooke, IFOR General Secretary, Alkmaar
Karel Eilers, Pax Christi International, Brussels
Hansulrich Gerber, C&P Vice-President, MCC Europe Director, Tramelan
Dr. Ulrich Duchrow, Kairos Europe, Heidelberg
Gyula Simonyi, BOCS Foundation, C&P East Europe Regional Coordinator, Székesfehérvár
Jean-Baptiste Libouban, Communauté‚ de 1'Arche, Joncels
Christian Hohmann, C& P General Secretary, Wetzlar
Cor Keijzer, Pastor, Dutch Reformed Church, Landgraaf

Anniversary celebration

Music and other contributions by Church & Peace
Members and Friends
Images from the Church & Peace
Movement 1949-1999

Sunday, 30 May
Ecumenical worship service

“love Truth and Peace”
Sermon: Keith Clements, CEC General Secretary, Geneva

Renewing our commitment to the peace church vision

What does it mean to follow the to become a peace church?

New understandings from the Gospel
- nonviolence as one of the essential teachings of Jesus Christ for his church
- reconciliation and forgiveness which lead to active nonviolent peacemaking and service

A vision for Christian community
- a living body rather than an “institution"
- a place of reconciliation and sharing of oneself and one's material goods
- a community that embraces alternatives to violence , that welcomes the stranger; feeds the hungry and clothes the naked
- a community that works for peace with justice , not just peace as an absence of conflict

Symposium location

Bienenberg Conference and Education Centre
CH - 4410 Liestal
Tel. +41 (0) 61- 901 45 01

Registration & Programme

For the registration form, please contact the Church & Peace International Office (address below).

Opening session - Friday, 17.00
Closing worship service - Sunday, 10.00


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