Tamás Waliczky

b. 1959 in Budapest, Hungary. Animator, painter, computer animator. Has been working with computers since 1983. Presently employed by the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) Karlsruhe as artist and computer animation researcher, and by the HBK Saar as Guest Professor.

Between 1968-74, made animated cartoon films and comics; between 1974-80, private studies in drawing and painting. 1980-82 was employed by Pannonia Animation Film Studio, Budapest. 1983-87 was employed by Caesar CG Studio as a computer-game graphic designer; 1988 was employed by Novotrade Software Studio as graphic designer; began at Halas & Batchelor Co., London as computer animator, where he completed his first computer animations, Pictures and Is there any room for me here? In 1989 was a co-founder of Novotrade CG Studio, and in 1990 was named its Director. In 1991 named co-Director of Wallada Bioscop Ltd. Lectured at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest. In 1992, invited by the ZKM, Karlsruhe to complete The Garden computer animation, during a year-long stipendium, and in 1994 became employed by the ZKM Karlsruhe. In 1996 was on the international advisory committee of the Board of C3 in Budapest. Has been guest-professor at Hochschule der Bildenden Kunste Saar since 1997.

Selected exhibitions

1982   Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna
1983   Faculty of Philosophy, ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences), Budapest
1986   Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest Digitart I (First National Computer Art Competition), Budapest
1988   Galérie Robert Doisneau, Nancy, France
1989   Techni-Colour Exhibition, Gallery Alberto Pivi, Milan, Italy
  "No Name" Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
1990   Digitart II, Budapest
  Hungarian Artists and the Computer, Lille, France
  Tendances Multiples, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris Paris Cité, Paris
  Passages de l'Image, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris MoMI (Museum of the Moving Image), London Galérie 172, Paris
  EL Art exhibition, Retretti Art Center, Finland
  Un Art de Machines? (Exhibition of Electronic Images), Reze, France
1991   Fujita Vente, Tokyo
1992   ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie), Karlsruhe, Germany
1993   Medionale, Hamburg, Germany Universita di Salerno, Salerno, Italy Creative Computing Theatre, Milan, Italy
  Multimediale 3, Karlsruhe, Germany
1994   Europa-Europa, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn
  Version 1.0, Geneva, Switzerland
  Videonale, Bonn
  La Metafort, Aubervilliers, France
  L' Image de Synthese (ICONO), La Province de Hainaut, Aihm, Belgium
  Techno Art, Ontario Science Centre, Ontario (Canada)
  Electronie d'Arte e Altre Scritture Festival, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Italy
1995   Pecci Museum, Prato-Florence, Italy
Link, Bologna, Italy
Agave-Atelier Gluck, Milan, Italy
Doks, Turin, Italy
Lavatoio Contumaciale, Rome
Spaziotempo Gallery, Florence, Italy
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo
  ARSLAB, Turin, Italy
  Biennial de Lyon, Lyon, France
1996   The Butterfly Effect, Mûcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest
  NTT/ICC Gallery, Tokyo
  Jenseits von Kunst / Beyond Art, Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria; Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia


1988   Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
  P.L.E.I.A.S. Festival, Paris
1989   Art Interfaces with the Computer symposium, Rennes, France
  Video-Visions, Frankfurt, Germany
  Europa Electronica, Naples, Italy
  10e Journées Internationales de la Photographie et de l'Audiovisuel, Montpellier, France
  SCAN Video Festival, Tokyo
  Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
  Geneva Video Festival, Geneva, Switzerland
1990   IMAGINA 9th Monte Carlo International Forum on New Images, Monte Carlo, Monaco
  Trevisocartoon, Treviso, Italy
  Video Festival of Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy
  SIGGRAPH, Dallas, Texas (USA)
  Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
  SISEA, Groningen, The Netherlands
  Los Angeles International Film Festival, Los Angeles
1991   IMAGINA 10th Monte Carlo International Forum on New Images, Monte Carlo, Monaco
  IVCA Festival, London
  Modern Dance Theater, New York via Video Umbrella, London, Tamás Waliczky's films were shown at:
   Video Positive, Liverpool; City Art Gallery, Plymouth;
Cornerhouse Cinema, Manchester; Pimlico, London;
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London; Ed Video Media Centre, Guelph, Canada
Canada   Hungarian Advertising Film Festival, Budapest
  SIGGRAPH, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
  Videoart XII: Festival et Forum International de Locarno, Locarno, Switzerland
  Los Angeles International Animation Celebration, Los Angeles (USA)
  Fukui Video Festival, Fukui, Japan
  Berlin I.F.A. (International Animation Festival), Berlin
  VideoLACE: Cyberspatial Intersections, L.A.C.E., Los Angeles (USA)
1992   Le Festival du Dessin Animé et du Film d'Animation, Brussels
  New-York-SIGGRAPH '92, New York
  TISEA, Sydney, Australia
1993   IMAGINA 11th Monte Carlo International Forum on New Images, Monte Carlo, Monaco
  MEDIAWAVE '93, Gyõr, Hungary
  SINTESI '93 (Second Computer Animation International Review), Lugano, Switzerland
  WRO'93 Sound Base Arts Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
  AVICOM '93, Porderone, Italy
   MUU Media Festival, Helsinki, Finland
  Brouhaha Movie Festival, Budapest
  Observatoire de l'Image, Paris
  SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles (USA)
  London Film Festival, London
  OSTranenie '93, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany
  Mediatech, Premio Imagine, Milan, Italy
  Computer Art, Media Art, Budapest
1994   Trieste Film Festival, Trieste, Italy
  Adelaide Festival, Brisbane, Australia
  A.S.T.A.R.T.I. Image Mutations, Paris
  Iconographics, Milan, Italy
  Medienkunsttage Mainz, Mainz, Germany
  7. Internationales Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart, Germany
  Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong
  Bit Movie '94, Riccione, Italy
  Les Rendez-vous d'IMAGINA, Paris
  IRRTON (Festival Virtueller Irritation), Berlin
  Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
  Video Art, Locarno-Lago Maggiore, Locarno, Switzerland
  Videonale 6, Bonn
1995   MEDIAWAVE '95, Gyõr, Hungary
  MULTIMEDIALE 4, Karlsruhe, Germany
  ISEA '95, Montréal, Québec (Canada)
  4th International Festival Films & Videos "Autour de la Naissance," Paris
1996   CD-Rom: Burning the Interface, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
  8. Internationales Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart, Germany
1997   Spring Atelier, MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Pécs, Hungary


1991   Theatre Municipal, Etampes, France
1992   1992 SZKÉNÉ, Budapest

Computer works

1986   Figures 1-8 (computer graphic series)
  Message (b/w print)
  Room (computer graphic)
1987   Human Motions (Computer Mobiles)
1988   Pictures (computer animation, 5 min.)
  Is There Any Room for Me Here? (computer animation, 4 min.)
1989   Machines (computer graphic series)
1990   Memory of Moholy-Nagy (computer animation, in two versions: 4.5 min., and 15 min. with documentary sections; John Halas, Halas & Batchelor, Education Film Centre)
Music (short version): Llaszló Kiss; (long version): Boris Karadimchev
Distributed by: (in USA) Museum of Modern Art, (in UK) The Roland Collection
  Conversation (interactive live performance/audio-visual duet, approx. 30 min.; Joel Boutteville)
Visual Instruments: Tamás Waliczky; Musical Instruments: Tibor Szemzõ
1992   The Garden (21st Century Amateur Film),
and Studies for The Garden, (computer animation, with Anna Szepesi, 4.5 min.each; Wallada Bioscop Ltd., Budapest / ZKM, Karlsruhe / CIRAD Laboratoire du Modellisation, Montpellier)
Composer: Szemzõ Tibor
1993   Der Wald (computer animation, with Anna Szepesi, 5 min.; ZKM, Karlsruhe)
  The Forest (interactive flight simulation platform application, in collaboration with Sebastian Egner and Jeffrey Shaw; ZKM, Karlsruhe)
1994   The Way (computer animation, with Anna Szepesi, 3 min.; ZKM, Karlsruhe)
1995   Asylsymphony (computer animation for Bojidar Spassow's music, 10 min.; ZKM, Karlsruhe)
1996   Trilogy, 1992-96 (Der Wald, The Way, The Garden) (computer animation/installation, with Anna Szepesi, video version 11.5 min.)
1997   Landscape (computer animation, with Anna Szepesi, 3 min.; ZKM Institut für Bildmedien, Karlsruhe)


1994   ICC Artists' Database, Working Research Version, ICC Tokyo
1995   ARTINTACT 2, Artists' Interactive CD-Rom Magazine, ZKM Karlsruhe (with Miroslaw Rogala and Jeffrey Shaw)
  Lost Boundaries, Stroom hcbk, The Netherlands
  3e biennale d'art contemporain de lyon (interactive interviews and documents), Reunion des Musees Nationaux, Lyon, France
1997   Revue virtuelle (Actualising the Virtual), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
  ICC Artists' Database, Working Research Version 1997, NTT/ICC, Tokyo


1989   Art Interfaces with the Computer Symposium, Rennes, France
  Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
1990   IMAGINA 9th Monte Carlo International Forum on New Images, Monte Carlo, Monaco
1992   ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany Institut für Mediengestaltung und Medientechnologie, Mainz, Germany
  Hinterhaus & Artist im Exil, Wiesbaden, Germany
1993   MEDIONALE, Hamburg, Germany
  MEDIAWAVE '93, Gyõr, Hungary
  Video Arte, Xornadas de Infografia, Vigo, Spain
1994   Espace Electra, Paris
  Métafort Symposium, Aubervilliers, France
1995   V2_Organisation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  La Filature - Mulhouse, Strasbourg, France
  Art School of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
  Art School of Pforzhaim, Pforzhaim, Germany
1994   NTT/ICC Gallery, Tokyo
  Mûcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest
1994   Spring Atelier, MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Pécs, Hungary

Grants and Awards

1986   Third Prize, Digitart Computer Graphics Festival, Budapest
1988   Honorary Mention, Animation Category, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
  First and Second prizes in 2D and 3D categories, P.L.E.I.A.S. Festival, Paris
1989   Golden Nica, Computer Graphics Category, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
1990   one month stipendium, AII ENSAD Studio (Paris) with the grant of the CNAP
  Honorary Mention, Interactive Category, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
1991   Third Prize, art category, IMAGINA Festival, Monte Carlo, Monaco
  World Graph Prize, Locarno Videoart Festival, Locarno, Switzerland
  Festival Prize, Berlin International Animation Festival, Berlin
  Best Animated Film Prize, Hungarian Advertising Film Festival, Budapest
  Honorary Mention, education category, IVCA Festival, London
1993   Special prize, Polish Television Channel2, and the Festival's Art Director, WRO'93
  Sound Base Arts Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
1994   Honorary Mention, Animation Category, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
  First Prize, 3D workstation category, Bit.Movie '94 Festival, Riccione, Italy
  Special Prize of the Jury, Locarno Videoart Festival, Locarno, Switzerland
   First Prize, Electronie d'Arte e Altre Scritture Festival, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Italy
1996   Commission for an interactive artwork for the Year of Photography and the Electronic Image, photoARTS2000, Huddersfield, England (UK)

Works in Public Collections

  Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris
  SCAN Video Gallery, Tokyo
  Oppenheimer Collection, Bonn
  ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie), Videotheque, Karlsruhe, Germany
  AIACE, Milan, Italy
  Video des Beaux Jours, Strasbourg, France

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