Werner Künzel

(b. 1951) philosopher and writer.
Studied philosophy, art history and archaeology in Freiburg, Florence and Paris. Since 1985, his main project has been a special type of archaeology, involving the reconstruction of hidden traces in the history of the computer. During this research, he has written several books and essays about philosophers and inventors of calculating machines, especially Lullus, Kircher, Leibniz, Hegel, Babbage and Zuse. On the basis of this work in progress, he has been invited to several international conferences, including, for example, Munich (D) in 1991, Vienna (A) and Antwerp (B) in 1993, and The Hague (NL) and Barcelona (E) in 1995, and Budapest in 1996. He is currently working for the Berliner Festspiele, designing an "Ars Combinatoria" multimedia program for the exposition in the year 2000.
Lives and works in Berlin.

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