Richard Kriesche
eternal horizon

Computer installation, 1995-96

eternal horizon is an approach to the reality of unchangingness. eternal horizon stands on the fundaments of the time of tides. this linear time of 6 hours and 25 minutes disappears in the cyclical time of eternal return.

over a course of 6 hours and 25 minutes, the monitor is moving from downwards to upwards over the height of the monitor itself. at the same time, the animation on the monitor is moving from upwards to downwards. synchronisation of the universe is the horizon which lasts.*

eternal horizon comprehends the social and political, as well as the aesthetical, as the dialectical relation between the information flow, via the speed of light and the time of infinity which manifests itself in information technologies for the first time.

* "...The suggestion is that if you look at the mathematics of the quantum theory, it describes a movement of just this nature, a movement of waves that unfold and enfold throughout the whole of space. You should therefore say that everything is enfolded in this whole, or even in each part, and that it then unfolds. I call this an implicate order, the enfolded order, and this unfolds into an explicate order. The implicate order is the enfolded order. It unfolds into the explicate order in which everything is separated." (Bohm, David [Quantum physicist, Nobel Laureat, pupil of Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr], Art Meets Science and Spirituality, Art and Design, London,1990.)

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