Mixed technique, dimensions according to application, 1979-96

The central unit of the work is a biofeedback instrument.

      The biofeedback instrument is used both to register and to influence the various states of consciousness: awake, half awake/half asleep, and asleep.

      When attached to a person (similarly to an electroencephalograph), the instrument emits a signal characteristic of a certain state of mind. This signal can be auditory or visual, etc. On perceiving this signal, the experimental subject might be able to "pilot" her/his own state of consciousness continuously into other states of her/his own mind. (This is why this instrument is called biofeedback.)

      In our case, an electromechanical instrument is attached to the signal of the biofeedback instrument. It is put into action according to the volunteer-visitor's state of consciousness and completes a function (a turner's lathe starts to work). The "minimal" input of the state of mind, which catalyzes a butterfly-syndrome, puts out a "maximal" effect.

      This bio-feedback-robot-prototype is only a draft of the instrument which will be created at that future stage of brain research, when the registration of the brain's function will be much more differentiated than it is today. This instrument will follow this differentiated function as a "mind reader," and thus will transform complicated and long "thinking processes" into courses of action.

(© - Geneva, Switzerland, 1979)

The Inevitable

      I would like to present to you Ms. Eleni Taxidu, President of the Mediterranean Non-Art/Art-Strike Committee.

      The title of our presentation is The Inevitable.

      I would like first to give some very basic information about our union, the International Parallel Union of Telecommunications, of which I am the Superintendent.

      The International Parallel Union of Telecommunications was founded in 1968 in Hungary. It was founded in an effort to counterbalance the activity of the oldest and biggest international union of the world, established in the last century, just after the invention of Morse Code: the International Telecommunications Union.

      To counterbalance means essentially that we want to establish and live by the Subsistence Level Standard, or more precisely, the Universal Allocation.

      As you know, the International Telecommunications Union distributes and controls each and every channel of information, and all the tools of telecommunications, from Morse Code to satellites. We do not know what they do exactly, because in the so-called "information age," the main instITUtion for information keeps its concrete acts secret. We do not know exactly what they do, but we can imagine by checking the proportions of the field of information. We do not have a transparent view of the economical data, as we do not have a transparent view of cultural data either, since the constantly changing legal data is based on military interests.

      Following World War II, the participants of the Yalta Conference re-distributed the surface of the globe. In 1981, the International Telecommunications Union re-distributed the electromagnetic spectrum, not only around the globe, but also in intergalactic space, because if you deal with electromagnetic waves, you are immediately into infinity.

      ITU is the "Big Brother" institution, and our union, IPUT, is, consequently, the "Big Sister" institution.

      Many people ask why our union, IPUT, is not better known in the world. There are three reasons for this.
First, IPUT existed in illegality for many long years in Near East Europe. Second, because our precise purpose is only to counterbalance ITU in every sense; thus, in the sense of the Subsistence Level Standard of self-promotion, as well. Third, because the majority of people do not want to know about the Subsistence Level Standard, because they think more consumption is equivalent to more freedom.

      In 1981, ITU and IPUT fused.

      Since then, ITU and IPUT are objectively complementary of each other; Multimedia and Intermedia are objectively complementary of one another.

We have an agreement: IPUT advertises ITU, and ITU advertises IPUT. The result is: ITU is extremely effective in the work of the workers of the Global Village; IPUT is extremely effective in the strike of the unemployed of the Global Village. We need not be in the frontlines to be effective in the correction and the inevitable fulfilment of the contemporary myth; just the opposite: more in the background means more at the roots.

      ITU, the master and boss of Multimedia, conditions the majority of the human race towards its military aim: over-consumption; therefore, IPUT must de-condition towards the General Strike.

      In fact, we try to construct and to raise the consciousness of the so-called Inevitable: Free Will.

      In short, this is our parallel-methodology in the reigning collective Myth.

      The change of the political, economical and cultural conditions in Near East Europe presented a chance, even an obligation, to realise new ideas on a personal, local and global scale. Given that there is Parliamentary Democracy, the means of realisation are near to us. We must develop the theory and practice of Direct Democracy, which slowly but surely will force the mercantile-military interests to disappear. Direct Democracy is the absolute responsibility of the individuums.

      IPUT is convinced of the continuing disappearance of work as such.

      Work is attacked from many different directions:

      the automation of work; the disappearance of the need for military-gadget-luxury, for surplus;
the understanding of the physical and metaphysical reasons for the strike;
the understanding of globally alienated work and globally alienated consumption,
consumption above the Subsistence Minimum;
and the understanding of the inevitable, inherent results of the over-consumption of the world.

      The inevitable results are, namely:

      the repression of women;
giving birth in pain;
the constant instigation for over-consumption of the world transformed into commodity form;
work and death --
as we know these from the sciences of economy, sociology, anthropology and theology, as well as from our everyday lives.

      Now, after Darwin, Nietzsche, Stalin, Hitler, John Paul the Second, and Richard Dawkins, we know that man becomes übermensch by developing his sense of solidarity.

      Solidarity is the operation, which is based on the idea and the real existence of the non-mediated human being.

      We must realise that the non-mediated being par excellence is the blind and deaf.

      While the hierarchical human race considers them as objects for eugenics and euthanasia, we declare that they must be considered as the centre of human society.

      The non-mediated blind and deaf human being is the centre -- surrounded by the blind, the blind surrounded by the deaf, the deaf by the paralytic, by the disabled, by the ill; they are surrounded by the children, surrounded by the old, and the old are surrounded by the rest. And all these are surrounded by the army.

      A being without the impulses of the exterior world, without sensors, is concentrated on its own inner centre.

      This inner centre is constructed of layers.

      The exterior layer of this inner structure we call the imagination. The imagination is the activity of the interior layer, the will, and the source of the will in the Greek language is the Logos.

      The inner force of the human being - his will-driven imagination - can be represented.

      The activity of the brain is detectable, and the self-controlled self-mutation is driveable.

      It is controllable and driveable by the so-called Biofeedback instrument, with which you are all certainly familiar.

      We would like to present here a new instrument, which is a slightly changed biofeedback apparatus, which is able not only to exteriorise and objectify the inner drive, but which is also a mock-up for a mind-reader automaton. We call this automatic device the Biofeedback Robot or Subsistence Level Standard Strike-machine. We invented it in 1979, but we realised and presented this apparatus publicly only in 1996, because the International Telecommunications Union - despite our fusion - put some obstacles before its rapid realisation. No problem - time works for us - it's inevitable!

      Originally, the biofeedback instrument was invented and used to determine and exteriorise electromagnetic signals produced by and coming from the living brain.

      When we register these spontaneous signals and transform them into a certain objectified form, we can consider this form as a predetermined representation of the given inner mental state, the state of the mind in the simple spectrum of low-activity and high-activity of the imagination controlled by the will.

      In a certain low-activity, a sort of de-conditioned period, the electromagnetic impulses of the brain will show those specific signals, which are called the alpha-wave signals. These alpha-wave signals can be further transformed into visual, auditory, or even tactile or other types of sensory signals.

      In our presentation here, we use auditory feedback, which is practical for the blind.

      One needs the feedback, because this is the means of the orientation for the will, since the appearance of the signal gives some information about the given state of the mind; thus, one can drive one's own mental state by will towards the desired state of one's own mind.

      In other words:
The Biofeedback robot is an activated strike-machine, an activated mock-up for the responsibility in solidarity.

      The image that we should project here should show the inner, potential image.

      In this case, the image should be shown of the exterior place, the exterior space, the project of our environment, the map of the country of those who know that the exterior world is created by the interior world, and not vice versa -- by the imagination, by the will, by the Logos.

      Our Biofeedback robot, at this stage of brain research, is unable to project the very product of the user's imagination itself; however, it is already able to switch on any machine - even telekinetically - in our case here, this projector, which is a big step towards automation of the will.

      Since our projected world is based on the idea of the responsibility for the Protectorate - the Solidarity - we must project the plan of this Protectorate -- the plan of the Country of the Protectorate of the Blind and Deaf, the blind, the deaf, the paralytic, the disabled, the ill, the children, the old and the rest.

      The biofeedback control of Ms. Eleni Taxidu, President of the Mediterranean Non-Art/Art-Strike Committee, will show the potentiality of the imagination, and of the Will. When she realises the state of her mind that is called the alpha state, the projector is switched on.

      The occasional flashing of the projector is a result of the fact that the alpha-state is unstable, interrupted, but which she can regain by her own control, by her will.

      We should consider the Near East European countries as the potential non-surplus-consuming countries.

      We should consider them as the creative, non-media - intermedia - blind and deaf countries.

      The army's over-consumption has led to the subordination of women, and to giving birth in pain, and the continual instigation for over-consumption of the surplus, and forces us to work, and to die - so that we want no army here anymore.

      We suggest to exteriorise, objectify and establish the Neutral Weapon-free Near East European Fluxus Green Zone. This can be done from Finland down to the Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece - down to Crete. But we can extend it to Belarus and the Ukraine. And Switzerland also, since it's not in NATO.


      The due-to-all Inevitable Universal Allocation in NEWNEEFLUGREEZ will be covered easily by the even-in-peace destructive military budget.

      And let me tell you, West Europeans, it is also much better for you if there are not any American NATO troops in your backyard.

      The civil world must abolish the army which controls life and death, the history of East of Eden, and must place the power on the head of the blind and deaf, who control the Universal Allocation Subsistence Level Standard Non-Art/Art-Strike-Machine.

      Since the exterior world is invented, imagined, projected, objectified, established and created from the interior world, IPUT is responsible for everything.


Long live the Blind and Deaf!
Long live IPUT!
Long live the Strike!
Long live the Inevitable!
Long live Big Sister!

Thank you.

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