Įgnes Hegedûs

Interactive installation, 1991-94
Application software: Gideon May and Richard Holloway
Produced at ZKM Karlsruhe in cooperation
with the Ars Electronica Linz.

The intention of this work is to emphasize certain aspects of virtuality, such as telepresence and the re-embodiment of the senses. It creates a transverse relation between the real and the virtual by correlating a physical object with its virtual representation.

This work is constituted by a circular projection screen, a hand-held interface which has the form of an eyeball, and a transparent sphere with a hole, into which the viewer can insert this interface outside, the transparent sphere is represented as a virtual eye on the projection screen. When entering the sphere, the viewer enters the virtual eye through its iris and sees a computer-generated 3D tableau which is located within its virtual interior. This tableau is iconographically related to a Hungarian folk art tradition that created miniature religious scenes in glass bottles. It also embodies many objects and references to earlier works by Agnes Hegedūs, so constituting within the virtual eye a retrospective memory space.

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