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  • Éjjeli õrjárat
    mûvészeti folyóirat

  • Media Research Foundation
    Metaforum III: u n d e r c o n s t r u c t i o n - the first hungarian content festival

    A contemporary hungarian art collection

    Artpool is a non profit alternative art institution in Hungary, with the objective to register changes in art, to present and document the most interesting art experiments and to promote artistic communication.

  • EAST EDGE - CyberArt&Tech

    on the Eastern Edge

  • Internet Galaxis
    Internet Galaxis:From 26th February - to 4rd March 1998 at the Museum of Applied Arts

  • Az MTA SZTAKI World Wide Web Galériája

  • Fiatal Képzômûvészek Stúdiója Egyesület
    The Studio of Young Artists Association is a professional association which was founded thirty-six years ago by Hungarian artists. It has been functioning in its current form as an association and a foundation since 1990. The Association has approximately 280 members: artists, art historians, and critics.

  • Prompts on Stations
    a Baedecker to Telepfhonia - from the Projects of an advocacy.
    A compilation on the workings of telephone systems for those who encounter the devices, to develop (further) an Attitude that springs from the DIY idea (for do-it-yourself) rather than from get-the-best-service-you-can!-for-your-money! Differences of proficiency in electronics and programming were reckoned with, sections contain information on different levels.

  • Weber Imre három virtuális installációja
    Olyan tárgyakról van szó, melyek magukban foglalják a tárgy általános és univerzális jelentését, belépve egyúttal a humán építészeti térbe és ugyanakkor kilépve a kozmikus-természeti térbe.

  • EIKE
    born 1966 in Halle a.d. Saale/Germany
    lives and works in Budapest/Hungary an Braunschweig/Germany

  • Baráthosi Balogh Benedek: Collection from the Ainu and the Amur area
    Samples from the material of the Museum of Ethnography, Hungary


  • Chech Art Online
    Starting in July 1996, the Soros Center for Contermporary Arts-Prague introduces a WWW-list mapping the contemporary art scene in the Czech Republic. This site wants to serve as a starting point for looking up Czech art institutions, projects, individual artists. Since most of the museums and galleries in CZ do not have their own Internet access yet, this site wants to be a mediator of information rather than just a listing of further links.

  • Postmasters Gallery
    The gallery has presented various projects, created for new media, in a comprehensive show of the latest digitally-based art and experimental design.

  • name.space.inc.
    name.space.inc. is now providing services for new top level domains that you can create on demand.

  • lift_world
    y o u S H O U L D g e t o u t m o r e . . .
    ~and now you can !
    see elevators and BOMB squads
    see AIRcraft and butoh and naked men
    see asprin as you've never seen her before
    see the world in a mirror
    see you
    see me

    come see *lift_world* on saturday, this saturday 30 november 10.30pm australian est
    see the world

  • Art Daily is the first art newspaper on the net.
    This publication can be accessed free of charge and you will find that Art Daily offers the most complete information available in the fine arts world. Art Daily obteins its highlights from AFP, ANSA, EFE, NOTIMEX, and REUTERS news agencies.
    Art Daily also presents first-rate information regarding some 634 museum around the world, providing up-front data on the most outstanding exhibitions to date.

  • Hull Time Based Arts
    HTBA is concerned with all aspects of innovative contemporary work in the time based arts. Its area of interest is multi and interdisciplinary work using film, video, sound and music, performance installation and new media. Based in Hull, HTBA works on a local, national and international scale.

  • Media & Ethics
    in the fields of photography, multimedia, video, installation and performance
    Helsinki, September 12th-14th, 1996

    SINGLE, structurally equal to ALL and endless in the microstructure is showing the totality and breakness of INTIMA in her mirror image. ONE, split into TWO is compatible with the life of INTIMA. The magic structure of ONE and the obsession with the individuality inspires the ritual beauty of polarity which is shown on the altar of art. The Story about INTIMA is presented by a mathematical microstructure.

    The circle is drawn and in the circle there is a whole world.

    There is a world of the COSMOS and a world of the ATOM, but INTIMA is the zone of their co-existence.

  • etoy

  • SYNERGY: Hygrid
    The basic idea of HyGrid is similar to other SYNERGY GRID projects in that we're working from squares and blending images from square to square. This process has been nearly fully automated by CGI scripts that recognise your SYNERGY ID, filenames, pattern configuration and all that jazz. The big difference with HyGrid, is that it's sort of "hyperdimensional".

  • Geekgirl
    the world's first cyberfeminist hyperzine

  • Mediamatic Amsterdam

  • HotWired
    The Internets fashion and style bible.

  • Center for Contemporary Art: Warsaw

  • PublicNetBase - t0
    OPENED ON MARCH 17, 1995 First public Internet-WWW access in Vienna
    Institute for New Culture Technologies t0
    Digital telecommunication towards hypermedia and the global connectivity of the infosphere provokes an interdisciplinary intermediation of art and science on the basis of a society that is determined through new technologies. The data-matrix as a model of a culture that is based on electronic information-technology demands a new understanding of art and space of maneuver for the forthcoming models of art production.
    Public Netbase *media in the message mess-age* is a forum for free media communication and an information society "without regrets"

  • Leonardo Electronic Almanac
    Welcome to Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), Leonardo/ISAST and MIT Press' electronic journal dedicated to providing a forum for those who are interested in the realm where art, science and technology converges. Leonardo Electronic Almanac is an on-line, subscription-based publication, currently operated on the honor system. People visiting this site should be subscribers to LEA, either individually or as a member of a subscribing institution. Subscription information is available below. Please note that copyright notices included in the material found here need to be retained and respected. For information about submitting material for publication in LEA view this document.

  • KHM - Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
    The name, "Academy of Media Arts" itself expresses the entire spectrum of interests supported by teaching and research at this institution, namely art in the age of its technological (re)production. The process of formulating and developing the interaction between artistic imagination, theoretical and historical knowledge and individual expression by means of new media places high demands on students as well as on the academic staff of the Academy. Both are working together to create a small utopia which involves bringing together and integrating those processes and interrelated interests in academic practice that continuously threaten to drift apart in everyday professional practice. An essential element of this process is also the joint development of a media/cultural identity, one conscious of its own social, political, aesthetic and ethical obligations. Today's media are social institutions.

  • NTT / Intercommunication Center, Japan
    Through the use of computers and communications networks, our consciousness is again undergoing a great transformation. Based on the theme of electronic communications,NTT InterCommunication Center(ICC) aims to promote dialogue between science, technology, art and culture and to envision a society for the future which is rich in imagination and creativity.

  • NSK - Online at Gates of Heck
    NSK, or Neue Slowenische Kunst is an art movement formed in the mid-1980s in Slovenia, in the country then known as Yugoslavia. The music group, known as Laibach (after the forbidden German name of the capital city Ljublana) became notorious for their military-style costumes and performances which made use of totalitarian imagery recalling the aesthetics of both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. NSK is also made up the painting group, Irwin, the theater group Red Pilot (now NOORDUNG), as well as the Departments of Philosophy and Architecture. This collective aesthetic movement was dubbed "retro-gardism".
    Since the disintegration of Yuogslavia and the independence of Slovenia, NSK has formed an independent artists' "State in Time", with embassy projects in Moscow, Gent, Venice and Peking. Gates of Heck has been named Honorary Consul to NSK in the United States, and issues NSK passports to all desiring citizens.

  • ZKM - The Center for Art and Media
    ZKM Karlsruhe promotes art in connection with electronic media. Its Institute for Visual Media and Institute for Music and Acoustics are equipped with studio facilities in which visiting artists are able to translate their project concepts into visible, audible media art-works. Two museums are being set up at the ZKM. In October 1997, the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art will open its doors to the public as a "museum of all genres". The ZKM | Media Museum, which is dedicated to exploring and showing ways people can use the rapidly evolving digital technologies, will be inaugurated in the same month. The " Salon Digital", an electronic café, is in preparation.
    The ZKM | Mediathek is a media library that collects and documents video art as well as contemporary music and literature on media art. The interested public will enjoy access to these "citizens' media" from 1997 onward. ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe is a foundation under public law and is financed in equal parts by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Karlsruhe.

  • Ars Electronica
    Ars Electronica Center - Museum of the Future
    PRIX Prix Ars Electronica - the international competition for the Computer Arts.

  • Mattress Factory
    Museum of Art / Research and Development Lab for Artists - Pittsburgh/USA
    As a museum of contemporary art, it commissions new site-specific works, presents them to the widest possible audience, and maintains selected individual installations in a distinctive permanent collection.

  • Färgfabriken homepage for folows anything
    The foundation was formed in March 1995. The founders are the Swedish Association of Architects (SAR), Alcro­Beckers AB (one of the biggest paint manufacturors in Northern Europe) and Colart Sweden AB (manufacturors of artists´ materials). Activities and exhibitions take place in the Palmcrantzka Factory, a factory building from 1889, in one of Stockholm´s oldest industrial areas. In the beginning of the nineties the old paintfactory restorations were begun. Alcro­Beckers AB got in touch with SAR in order to get proposals of what to do with the restored building. SAR and the director­to­be of Fäbriken, Jan Åman, proposed to create a centre for contempoary art and architecture. The foundation was then formed.

  • De Waag

  • Contact Center Network
    Idealist - a fully interactive system that enables any nonprofit or community organization - whether it has a Website or not - to enter and update detailed information about its services, volunteer opportunities, internships, job openings, upcoming events, and any material or publication it has produced. 14,000 organizations in 125 countries are already using Idealist.

    In a network environment increasingly driven by commercial interests, what is the future of cultural information? How can members of the cultural sector work together to define its technical needs and mobilize to be heard?

    ARTLAB functions as a laboratory that aims to pioneer new artistic realms through the integration of science and art by applying digital technologies, developed by Canon Inc., to artistic pursuits. It offers a new form of cultural support. Its main goal is to create works of art through collaborations between artists and engineers. The result is shown to the public in forms such as exhibitions.

  • Ljudmila WWW TOC
    Stands for Ljubljana Digital Media Lab

    ART+COM is an interdisciplinary group concerned with the integration of computer technology, communication and design. ART+COM was founded in 1988 as a centre for computer aided design and communication, with the intention to promote co-operation between science, design and education. Since 1988 ART+COM has established itself as a melting pot for new ideas and new technologies, where specialists from the Arts, from Science and from industry come together to combine their ideas and goals. The method of working at ART+COM is characterized an openness towards new projects and novel approaches, the readiness to question old patterns and ways of thinking and the ability to speed up complex development-processes.

  • The Thing
    In 1991, THE THING began as a Bulletin Board System combining contemporary art and communication.
    In 1995, THE THING was renovated and moved its wares onto the web.
    Today, THE THING continues to provide a context for the production and presentation of net specific art and the discourse surrounding it.

  • Knowbotic Research(KR+cF)
    KR+cF, Yvonne Wilhelm, Alexander Tuchacek, Christian Huebler, is based in Cologne. Knowbotic Research articulates their projects by folding information and knowledge structures into complex zones of activities.
    Those are generated and made accessible in collaboration with informaticians, scientists, architects and machinic potentials.In partnership with the Academy for Media Arts KR+cF has founded Mem_brane, a laboratory for media strategies.

    CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape. Edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.

  • Guggenheim Museum SoHo
    The Guggenheim Museum SoHo opened in 1992 in a former commercial loft building in SoHo's historic cast-iron district. The handsome six-story red-brick structure, with its original cast-iron storefronts and detailed cornice, is an excellent example of the architecture that distinguishes the character of SoHo. The museum features 30,000 square feet of exhibition space and 3,000 square feet of retail space, with administrative offices and library on the third and fourth floors.

  • Webimage
    Art Magazine on the Net
    A) "WEBIMAGE" will collect data on new media artists and centres around the world .
    Why a catalogue ? for the necessity of verifying the state of the arts in a FAST changing situation in the Art and Media field.
    B) "WEBIMAGE" proposes a Simbolic Action with the purpose of a "shifting" of the wEb comunication from text to image.

  • Diacenter
    Dia Center for the Arts is a multi-disciplinary contemporary arts organization based in New York City. The name Dia, taken from the Greek word meaning "through," was chosen to suggest our role as the conduit or means for realizing extraordinary projects.

  • Jodi.org

  • World Wide Arts Resources
    We provide the largest and most comprehensive gateway to the arts on the Internet - from happening, groovin' art events to traditional planar exhibitions and museums to way out 3-D cyber galleries - you'll find it here!

  • INM - Institut für Neue Medien

  • W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
    The W3C was founded in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability. We are an international industry consortium, jointly hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science [MIT/LCS] in the United States; the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique [INRIA] in Europe; and the Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus in Japan. Services provided by the Consortium include: a repository of information about the World Wide Web for developers and users; reference code implementations to embody and promote standards; and various prototype and sample applications to demonstrate use of new technology. Initially, the W3C was established in collaboration with CERN, where the Web originated, with support from DARPA and the European Commission. For details on the joint initiative and the contributions of CERN, INRIA, and MIT, please see the statement on the joint World Wide Web Initiative.

  • Illuminations
    Illuminations produces television programmes about the arts, science and new technologies for broadcasters in Britain and abroad. Illuminations also creates interactive multi-media installations and CD-ROMs, as well as on-line services for the Web and elsewhere.

  • Hermit Foundation/Center for Metamedia Plasy
    Hermit Foundation
    A not-for-profit organization providing support to the Center for Metamedia-Plasy and other cultural projects in the Czech Republic of an international, interdisciplinary, experimental character.
    Center for Metamedia
    An international residency and project center that offers a setting for experimentation and collaboration among visual and performing artists, organizers and scholars from every field of art and culture.

  • Theremin Center for Electro-Acoustic Music and Multimedia

  • OpenNet

  • EMARE - European Media Artists in Residence Exchange

    The basic purpose of the program is to enable the collaboration between European artists on projects and the creation of closer connections among European media organizations. The current unification trends in Europe brought on by the collapse of the East Block have created new tasks to be overcome as well as the creation of new cooperation and exchange opportunities. There exists within this period of change the challenge to become more »European«, meaning more homogenous, while at the same time desiring to define what constitutes national and regional identity in order to retrieve a sense of lost traditional culture and how these may work to enhance one another rather than divide. EMARE offers the opportunity to work within these bounds as defined by the individual artists, allowing them to develop their own projects within a new context, and then reciprocating the gesture towards the host organisation.

  • äda 'web

  • IDEA - International Directroy of Electronic Arts
    IDEA (the International Directory of Electronic Arts) first appeared in 1990, on a paper edition, published by CHAOS. The current paper edition, released in 1995 in co-edition with John Libbey Media is sold out. The next edition is scheduled for the the end of 1997-beginning of 1998. You can order it at a pre-publication discount price. The online edition started in 1996 with the technical collaboration of the French company Altern B.

  • Blast - X A r t F o u n d a t i o n
    Blast operates as a mobile catalyst, developing a network of relationships with other organizations, in order to accomplish highly specific tasks. It operates as an agent of activity, a kind of marker or brand. We refer to the new program as "Blast agencies."//
    Our intent is to focus attention on critical issues pertaining to cultural practice in the network. By "network" we do not mean solely the Internet, but a proliferating complex of global communications increasingly tied into one another. We try to balance investigations of specific regions of net space (financial networks, the web, social realms such as the MOO, and so on) with an emphasis on the intersections and coordinations of on- and offline spaces -- particularly in terms of the organizational protocols and imperatives through which these spaces are synchronized, crossformatted, and brought "in line" with one another. While our emphasis is in the field of representation, we seek to understand how representations and built realities affect and constitute one another: how, on the one hand, the image-field is urbanized, and on the other, the urban configures as a network of inhabitable images. // ...

  • The Art DEADLINES List
    Juried exhibitions/competitions, call for entries/proposals/papers, poetry & other writing contests, jobs, internships, scholarships, residencies, fellowships, casting calls, auditions, tryouts, grants, festivals, funding, financial aid, and other opportunities for artists, art educators, and art students of all ages,in the following areas:
    animation, architecture, crafts, dance, film/video, installation, music, performance art, photography, sculpture, theater, visual arts, weaving, writing and more.

  • http://competence.netbase.org/