The ResourceLab functions as a public resource and research lab, offering limited printed and digital resources in the areas of contemporary culture, computer technology and Internet development, which may be viewed on-site.
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    If you are more interested in grant programs, we suggest subscribing to artinfo list, and if more in art programs to program list.
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    Internet Research

    A Silicon Graphics INDY computer with Internet connection is available for special extended research projects. Applications may be submitted to the ResourceLab program coordinator for access to the computer. Members of the general public can apply to spend up to two weeks at a time researching material on the Internet.

    Recent Journals

    on Culture and Communication

    Visitors to the ResourceLab may read the latest issues of selected Hungarian and international journals covering arts, culture, computer technology and the Internet.

    Contemporary Arts and Design


    Those interested in contemporary Hungarian and international arts and design may find a wide selection of catalogues in the ResourceLab.

    Documentation on Contemporary

    Hungarian Arts

    Comprehensive documentation on the oeuvres of contemporary Hungarian artists has been prepared for more than ten years by the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts. The bilingual documentation, supplemented with black and white photographs and color slides, has been compiled and written by commissioned art historians. The regularly updated and expanded documentation will be available in a database format and located on the C3 www server. We also have plans to preserve the written and visual documentation in CD-ROM format. In addition to scholarly documentation, the ResourceLab maintains an Artists' File: a computerized slide registry of contemporary Hungarian artists and designers, with written and visual material provided by the artists themselves.

    International Information

    Both printed and digital information on international and national opportunities, including exhibitions, study programs, grants, scholarships, competitions and events, is maintained by the ResourceLab and made available to visitors. Up-to-date information on these opportunities is also available on the C3 www site and in the C3 newsletter.

    Research Program

    The ResourceLab maintains a research program currently focusing on the following three areas: Hungarian and international media art history and theory; the changing relationship of art, science and technology; & planning for the future - new languages, new terminology: methods and possibilities for restructuring traditional academic disciplines in post-information society. Research is carried out by staff and board members and by commissioned experts; the results of their research are published in printed and digital media, and presented in visual form in the ExplorationLab.


    The SCCA program is currently expanding the contemporary Hungarian arts computer database, and the content will be broadened to include live arts, sound/music and text-based arts. Sound, still and moving images (in addition to text) will be incorporated into the database format. The new database will be located on the C3 www server and will be an Internet-accessible database. Other databases under development include the International Information, Media Archaeology, and Artists' File databases.


    The newsletter and website, containing information on international opportunties, programs of the Center and upcoming events, are produced and edited by the ResourceLab.


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