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Šejla Kamerić - BOSNIAN GIRL

Graffiti written by the unknown Dutch soldier on the wall of the army barracks in Potočari, Srebrenica '94/'95.

The Royal Netherlands Army Troops, as a part of the UN Peace Keeping Forces UNPROFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-95 were responsible for protection of Srebrenica safe area.

photos by Tarik Samarah /Grazia Neri, Milano

More info: SCCA-Sarajevo

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Changing Society: Lithuania
by Gintaras Makarevičius, Egie Rakauskaite, Laura Stasiulyte, Vita Zaman

Print date: 2002-11-01
Review: A publication accompanying the exhibition of videos and films at the Frankfurter Kunstverein which w ... (more)

Periferic 5
by Matei Bejanaru

Print date: 2002-01-20
Review: The catalogue of the Periferic Contemporary Art Biennial held in Iasi, Romania in June 2001. The exh ... (more)

Ground Control, Technology and Utopia
by Susan Buck-Morss, Julian Stallabras, Leonidas Donskis

Print date: 1997-10-10
Review: Reflections on utopias while approaching millenium. Ground Control contains reflections in the form ... (more)

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2003-09-14 - Italy

The MAKROLAB markIIex structure was installed on the island of Campalto (Isola di Campalto) in the Venice Lagoon on June 13, 2003 as part as part of the Biennale di Venezia art exhibition, Individ ... (more)
Source: Marko Peljhan by AP - Alenka Pirman - Slovenia

2003-08-04 - United States

ArtsLink is accepting applications from artists and arts managers in Central/Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia for Residencies and Independent Projects in the United States.

The Residencies p ... (more)
Source: CEC by AP - Alenka Pirman - Slovenia


  István Hajdu
Shameless Attempt at Explanation II. (1990-1998)
In 1990, a French publisher and gallery owner -- by chance -- commissioned me to propose sixteen visual artists considered significant in Hungary, from the following perspectives, though not necessarily in order of importance: intact from an aesthetical-political point of view, with a measurable oeu... (more)
Miklós Peternák
Who Is (Was) the victim, Who Is (Was) the Culprit and What Happened? (Hungarian Art in the Eighities)
On December 17, 1982, Ákos Birkás, painter, gave a lecture in Budapest titled "Who is the victim? Who is the culprit? What is the deed?" at the Rabinec Studio (later called the Rabinext Studio, an exhibition space in a private flat that existed for a few years). Birkás announced a program for the... (more)
Sirje Helme
Avantgarde in Estonia
While trying to rewrite the history of Estonian post-war art we are faced with the problem similar to all Baltic countries, which is, that the development does not seem to be logical or normal. We have to view everything in the distorting mirror of ideology. What we see is an endless number of mimic... (more)
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