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New Publicity. Bulgarian Debates in 1999
by Albena Hranova

Print date: 2000-05-05
Editor(s): Albena Hranova
ISBN: 954-90378-7-8
WWW: http://www.sca.bg/publications/frameset.html

Review: “New Publicity. Bulgarian Debates in 1999” is a collection of the most intriguing and revealing publications in Bulgarian cultural and intellectual press throughout the year. It aims at outlining the profile of the Bulgarian intellectual debate, which remains overshadowed and obscured by the vast quantity of opportunistic, aggressive and mediocre journalism. The publication takes up the challenge and the responsibility of selecting and bringing to the surface apparent or concealed debates, thus providing a forum for the independent critical thought in our complex, transitional society.
In 1999 the main topics presented in the publication are “The War”, “The Different and the Same”, “Science, Art & Institutions”, “The Media” and “Millennium 1999”.

Received on 2001-03-02 from Marek Tuszynski - Poland


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