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ARTELIER No. 6 / 2000-2001
by Ruxandra Balaci, Magda Carneci, Charles Mudede, Dan Mihaltianu, Geert Lovink, Lia Perjovschi ...

Print date: 2001-03-15
Contact: Irina Cios
WWW: http;//www.icca.ro

Review: this issue is dedicated to hip-hop / underground / techno / rave / subculture / grafs and other trendy stuff...
The content invites you to read articles, essays, interviews and reviews of international art events signed by: Ruxandra Balaci - Gigi Rasovszky; Magda Carneci - Christine Palmieri; Charles Mudede - Hip-hop rupture; Dan Mihaltianu - Trends; Geert Lovink - Interview with Calin Dan; Lia Perjovschi - Take a minute and think about it; Irina Cios - Interview with Vasif Kortun; Marilena Preda Sanc - Interview with Horst Hortner, Tom Sandquist - The Archive of Pain, Liviana Dan - Philosophy of Alberta Ferretti and the deep hysteric glamour; Alexandra Titu - Transitionland 2000; Mircea Cantor - Beware of the Contact network_2000; Adela Vaetisi - Stefan Cosma/ "My skin, my choice, my fate" a.o.
This issue is supported by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, the ARTEXPO Foundation and Sindan Cultural Center.
For more information please contact us via e-mail (irina@icca.ro or balaci@romanian-art.com or magdac@dnt.ro), telephone/fax (40.1) 313.5110, (40.1) 313.5111

Received on 2001-03-20 from Irina Cios - Romania


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