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The World of Art Almanach 2000 / 2001
by SCCA-Ljubljana

Print date: 2002-06-01
Editor(s): Barbara Borčić, Saša Glavan
ISBN: 961-90157-5-4
Contact: Saša Glavan
WWW: http://www.ljudmila.org/scca

Review: World of Art is an educational program on theory and practice in contemporary visual art. The annual program is composed of: a Series of Lectures, the Course for curators of contemporary art, Workshops on theory and criticism in contemporary art and Workshops on concepts of art practices. Each year the program is presented in a comprehensive anthology (lectures and conversations with the lecturers, the process and achievements of the course, the final exhibition, etc).

From the World of Art Almanach 2000 / 2001 contents:

I. Texts by the lecturers focused on the Strategies of Presentation theme.

Clementine Deliss: Metronom. Curatorial Practice and Research beyond Exhibitions
Presentation of her position and projects that are based on the Metronome (publication) as a medium which enables her to set herself free from the standardised role of the curator and establish a platform for the constructive dialogue between artists and writers.

Branislav Dimitrijević: The Grand Compromise: On Examples of the Use of Political References in Serbian Art of the 90’s, and its Historical Background
Anlysis of the political art that leads to the conclusion that the most politically subversive are the artworks and artists that do not declaratively proclaim it.

Suzanne von Osten, Susanna Perin in Peter Spilmann: Eurovision2000
Presentation of their initiative Eurovision2000 that following the political, social and ideological transformations in the nineties emerged with the desire of the producers for creating new contacts with the critical cultural scenes across the national boarders and a creation of open archives and networks for their own operation.

Mike Hentz: Translation
The reflection on why translation is an important issue today and about the complexities of transferring the meaning on different levels between different contexts and exclusive communities.

Marko Košnik: Abstraction and Action
A critical stance to the intermediate space, which binds artists into groups or larger formations on the basis of self-organisation and self-education with focus on his own practice and experiences.

Oliver Marchart: Political Strategies as Artistic Strategies: The Use of Multiple Names
The reflection on the relation between artistic strategies and political strategies, their differences and similarities with the focus on Neoism and the strategy of multiple names.

Olesya Turkina: St. Petersburg's Neo-academism. Revival of the Great Story
The presentation of Neo-academism, the art movement in Russia in the eighties, in the time when the old Great Story was established anew as the Great Story of Beauty, Identity, and Tradition.

Miha Zadnikar: Restructuring Subculture
A talk about Metelkova Mesto, about those special characteristics of Metelkova, which alongside the issue of the subculture put under question the entire point of discussing culture and the artistic practices.

The important part of the almanach form the interviews made by our long-time associate, Eda Čufer, in which lecturers are presented in the broader context of their activities and endeavours.

II. Participants of the course for curators present their final exhibition Media is a weapon, use it! (Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, 27. 6. - 22. 7. 2001) and study trips to Vienna and Belgrade.

Almanach is bilingual and can be ordered for 20 Euros.

Received on 2002-09-06 from Saša Glavan - Slovenia


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