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Introduction to Feminist Visual Studies
by Branislava Andjelković

Print date: 2002-10-01
Institution: CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS - BELGRADE - Serbia and Montenegro
Editor(s): Branislava Andjelković
Contact: cca@dijafragma.com
WWW: http://www.dijafragma.com/nonflash/projects/publications.htm

Review: A collection of texts by some of the most important and relevant authors in field of feminist art critique, feminist theory and feminist art theory. For the introductiory text to this book: “Art history and feminist visual theories”, Ms. Andjelković won the prestigious “Lazar Trifunović Award” for art critique. The book contains seminal texts by Thalia Gouma-Peterson and Patricia Mathews, by Griselda Pollock (“Feminist Interventions in History of Art”), Linda Nochlin, Ludmilla Jordanova, Mieke Bal, Laura Mulvey, Victor Burgin, Elisabeth Cowie, Parveen Adams, Mary Kelly and Paul Smith, Gillian Rose, Bojana Pejić and Donna Haraway.

The editor, Branislava Andjelković, graduated from History of Art at the University of Belgrade and received her MA degree at the University of Southampton, Great Britain, with professor Brandon Taylor. She researched representations of the body and sexuality in the art of Nazi-Germany and at the moment she works on her PhD (at the University of Kent, Great Britain) in the field of feminist interventions in art history. She is an associate of the Center for Women Studies, Belgrade. In 2001 she became Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade.

In Serbian language.

Received on 2003-03-21 from Svebor Midzic - Yugoslavia


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