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Ground Control, Technology and Utopia
by Susan Buck-Morss, Julian Stallabras, Leonidas Donskis

Print date: 1997-10-10
Editor(s): Lolita Jablonskiene, Duncan McCorquodale, Julian Stallabrass

Review: Reflections on utopias while approaching millenium. Ground Control contains reflections in the form of critical essays and in the form of artists' projects from the Lithuanian and British contributors. The exhibition and the book are a cross-country partnership between Beaconsfield Ltd, Black Dog Publishing Ltd, Skyscraper Digital Publishing and Baltic Flour Mills, Jutempus Interdisciplinary Arts, Logium visi Numeralis and the Contemporary Art Centre of Vilnius.
Published by Black Dog Ltd.
Inquiries: Duncan McCorquodale or Lolita Jablonskiene.

Received on 2003-05-04 from Alenka Pirman - Slovenia


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