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Prelom No.2/3 (Break No. 2/3)
by Center for Contemporary Art, Belgrade

Print date: 2002-05-01
Institution: CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS - BELGRADE - Serbia and Montenegro
Contact: cca@dijafragma.com
WWW: http://www.dijafragma.com/school/

Review: Journal of the School for History and Theory of Images.
Conversation/Break booklet in English language is published as a part of the Prelom No. 2/3.

Prelom No. 2/3 (Break No. 2/3) offers a great variety of interesting texts. It starts with the issue of terrorism, mostly inspired by the consequences of the attack on September 11th, 2000 in USA. Among the authors who deal with this issue is one of the most intriguing French philosophers, Alain Badiou (“Considerations philosophiques sur des evenements recents”). It also contains some very provocative texts about events in Serbia (a text about the so called Second Serbia, by Nebojša Jovanović). About turbo-folk phenomenon write Darinka Pop-Mitić, Milan Rakita, Svebor Midžić and Branislav Dimitrijević. The booklet, which was published as a part of the Prelom No.2/3, presents a polemic that was sparked by Phil Collins’ (Belfast artist) series of photographs, titled Young Serbs, which were exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, on the exhibition “Konverzacija”.

Received on 2003-03-21 from Svebor Midzic - Yugoslavia


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