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Previous Exhibitions

Andrea Schneemeier:


21. May - 30. June 2004.
Opening ceremony: at 7 p.m. on 20. May 2004.
Opening speech by: Pál Szacsva y

A game with simulation and reality in a strangely alien, yet seemingly real space, in which the visitor, stepping into the boundary between the virtual and the real, shapes a gaming space of activity and passivity around her/himself.

Interpreting the installation space as a kind of living mechanism or sensitive space, her/his presence (and movement) makes an impact on the events of the virtual space - and of the projected video. The cause and effect relationship, however, is not at all evident at first sight; it takes time before the visitor becomes aware of the involuntary destructive power of her/his own presence - or at least that effected by it. Entering the space of the gallery, we arrive in a room - and not only due to the projected images. It is real events that occur in the video projected on the elements in the space, in a pre-determined way, but they occur as the consequence of the position and movement of the visitor. With each movement the visitor makes, something unexpected happens in the room. The destructive and at the same time determined character of the events - in the strictest sense of the word - inform as to the “responsibility” associated with presence, as well as rewording the notion of interactivity - used (also) in connection with media art in an increasingly confused and unreflective way - in the form of a question.


The exhibition supported by:
NKA (National Cultural Fund)
and the Municipality of the City of Budapest, Cultural Committee of General Assembly