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Four films by Miklós Erdély

Hidden Parameters

15. June - 28. August 2001.

Miklós Erdély, one of the most important artists of the 20th century, departed from us fifteen years ago. In the course of cataloging his legacy, among a the great number of film canisters, master copies, film scraps, cut film strips or those compiled from scraps, and 16mm sound and film recordings, over the past year we found the magnetic sound versions of Erdély's three early films, assumed lost, which we hope can be reconstructed, as well as a magnetic sound work entitled A Hérakleitosz töredék (The Heraclitus Fragment), shown on several occasions during the time of its making, and which can be understood as a version of the last section of the film Álommásolatok (Dream Copies) he made at the BBS (Béla Balázs Studio) in 1977. The montage-films of the 1960s and 70s were mostly made from film scraps collected from the wastebaskets of the television station. The film scraps, called "TV-garbage" by Erdély, consist of these reworked scraps, with some newly recorded sections added (with the exception of the Heraclitus Fragment). Their decisive element is the sound material, the radio-plays which can be found in a volume of his writings, performed by Miklós Erdély, Sándor Altorjai, Zsuzsa Szenes, Endre Kiss, Gizella Veres, Margit Rajczi and others.

These works will be shown in the Gallery of the C3 Foundation, in memory of Miklós Erdély.