1014, Budapest, Országház u. 9.
PIPS:lab - luma2solator



22. October - 18. December 2004.

Related program:
PIPS:lab – Lumalive
Interactive performance
26 October 2004, 20h, Millenáris, Fogadó
H-1024 Budapest, Fény u. 20-22.


This is an installation which invites the audience to create their own lumasol lightgraffities (A lumasol–lightgraffiti is a photograph recorded with a long shutterspeed). The visitor can make during a timespan of thirty seconds, a drawing with spraycans that produce light (The build-in flash makes it possible to not only see the lightgraffity but also the creating artist).

A soundtrack offers the visitor instructions of how the machine is operated. The result is immediately visible on the 21-inch build-in monitor. If there are no lightgraffities being made the device automatically show a collection of already made lightgraffities that are saved in the lumasol hall of fame. Photographs can be put on the Internet in which case there will be a personal number administered to the picture that will function as a password.