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Miklós Surányi:

Monitor, Coal

24. April - 20. May 2003.

For the past couple of years, since I have been engaged in multimedia, I have continually sought out the technical solution through whose aid I could produce computer animation without any of the classic tools, but only with the employment of code. I would like to produce moving drawings that have the resonance and quality of traditional graphic technique. As I have refined my software and programming skills over the past few years, I felt it was necessary to reinforce the personal character of my drawings. I have discovered the rough contours of a solution through „mis-programming”, in the course of whose incompetence interesting visual errors are generated. I then employ these „errors” in the creation of a drawing, which then constitutes the graphic basis of the installation.

Photography is one of the basic requirements of the installation, which – with the aid of a computer – simulates a light-box (or light-table) that serves for slide-viewing. I employ the computer monitor as a matte sheet of glass, and with the slides placed upon it, I direct their animation. With the interference of these illuminated pictures, space is filled and thus the static slides and their references are put into motion. The installation provides a good occasion for the application of various topos in connection with the use of slides: throwing light, transillumination, the role of the slide in „private” photography, the frame, etc.

The union of the individual elements, and the exchange of real spatial relations represent from an interesting perspective the classic contradiction of image creation, which springs from the collision between the circumstances of the slide, or rather of the document, and the virtuality of the animation.

Miklós Surányi