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Gábor Palotai:

Maximizing The Audience
The Book & The Animated Book

13. June - 11. August 2002.

A book and a DVD presenting the work of the graphic designer GABOR PALOTAI.

The book consists of two parts. The SECOND PART follows all the design projects of Gabor Palotai, from 1985 to 2000, including corporate identity programs, trademarks, editorial design, information systems, web design, stamps, packaging, books, posters, exhibition design, annual reports, promotion materials and other works made for some of the biggest Swedish companies.
The FIRST PART serves as a gallery in a book. Here the viewer can see the design taken from its context, free from the project it was made for. This part presents topics that are in the focus of Gabor Palotai’s interest: construction, dimensions, heraldry, nature morte, heroes of typography, textures, numbers, tourism, death and play.

reveals the magic of his work with an emotional simplicity that challenges the viewer through joyfulness and at the same time, a suggestive seriousness.