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Previous Exhibitions

Rosa Barba:

Counter-Motion Sequencer

22. November 2001. - 28. February 2002.
Counter-Motion Sequencer - Screening at the Cirko-Gejzír cinema

Screening at the Cirko-Gejzír cinema

20 February 2002, 9 p.m. - Screening at the Cirko-Gejzír cinema
Rosa Barba media artist, Cologne (D)

Rosa Barba was born in Agrigento, Sicily, and completed her studies at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM), Cologne between 1995-2000. She lives and works in Cologne. She works between the media of film, video, photography and installation, and has widely exhibited, her films and videos widely screened. She is currently completing a residency at C3: Center for Culture & Communication Foundation in Budapest, and her current work in progress will be shown in June at the Erika Deák Gallery.

The following selection of her film and video works will be screened on 20 February 2002 at 9 p.m.
at the Cirko-Gejzír cinema
(Budapest V., Balassi B. u. 15-17.):

Part I.

experimental music videos

"cache coeur naif"
music: Mouse on Mars, 3´30´´, 1998
dir: Rosa Barba

music: Mouse on Mars, 3´40´´, 1999
dir: Rosa Barba - Herwig Weiser

"disk dusk"
music: Mouse on Mars, 3´40´´, 1999
dir: Rosa Barba

music: Microstoria, 3´40´´, 2000
dir: Rosa Barba

"just night tonight"
music: Niobe, 2´, 2001
dir: Rosa Barba - Leif Trenkler

Part II.

experimental short fiction, 16mm, colour 22´, 1998-2000
direction, camera and editing: Rosa Barba - Ulrike Molsen

Valeria, Claudio and Dino are living in a house located on the top of a hill. An old house in a beautiful landscape in Italy. Nobody knows where they came from. They just appeared.
They create a formation called family. They observe each other, they quarrel and sometimes they are tender. This is what you can see and what they keep pretending. But something is strange.
The film behaves like its protagonists, keeping its nature secret by pretending to be fiction.
Panzano enters in the world of madness without mentioning it.

Panzano was screened CinemaTexas 2000, where it won the Director's Award, and at Montevideo, Amsterdam, International Film Festival Rotterdam, FCMM Festival Montreal, and in Cologne, Pisa, Odense (DK), Brussels, Split (HR), Rio de Janeiro, Cork (EIRE), Bologna, among others.

Discussion with the director following the screening.