NetAid C3 és a Netaid A Koncert ÉLÕ KÖZVETÍTÉS Szponzorok Technikai háttér



Akamai transforming the way content is delivered over the Internet with an unprecedented guarantee for improving the speed and the reliability of web sites. Akamai's Internet content delivery network has grown quickly worldwide and serves over one-quarter billion hits per day. It's global server network, driven by patent-pending technology, monitors Internet traffic and routes around congestion in real-time.

Akamai is expanding its network to support NetAid to include 1200 servers with 15 gigabits per second of capacity in over 30 carrier networks in 20 countries and 90 data centers. Akamai is serving the rich content of web site www.netaid.org, and will support the possible billion hits during the NetAid concerts, the largest Web event ever. Akamai is deploying 300 additional servers to support the concert Webcast.


Cisco Systems


Technology Behind Internet Broadcast

Two Cisco technologies are key to bringing this Internet Broadcast trial to life. IP Multicast, delivered by Cisco IOSŪ Software, enables the transmission of high-bandwidth applications, including live video and audio, over the Internet to PCs at multiple sites - with no impact on bandwidth or quality degradation.

The second key technology is IP/TV, a complete network video solution that delivers TV-quality video programs over enterprise data networks to PCs. With IP/TV, every networked user can watch management broadcasts, training programs, university classes, business TV and other programs from their own desktop.


NetAid C3 és a Netaid A Koncert ÉLÕ KÖZVETÍTÉS Szponzorok Technikai háttér