NetAid C3 and Netaid Concert LIVE BROADCAST Sponsors Technical background

Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems, Inc.


The worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, Cisco created NetAid, is leading the technology team and is responsible for the design of its distributed network architecture. Cisco also will manage the text hosting of the Web site and e-commerce functions from its operations center in San Jose.


Akamai Technologies, Inc.


A NetAid sponsor, Akamai's Internet content delivery system will serve the Web site content using Akamai's distributed network of 1,200 servers in more than 90 data centers worldwide.


United Nations Development Programme


UNDP's mission is to help countries in their efforts to achieve sustainable human development by assisting them to build their capacity to design and carry out development programmes in poverty eradication, employment creation and sustainable livelihoods, the empowerment of women and the protection and regeneration of the environment, giving first priority to poverty eradication.


KPGM International


A sponsor of NetAid, KPMG, a worldwide leader in e.Engineering, designed and built the Web site, www.netaid.org in just 90 days. KPMG also built the e-commerce solutions for the site.


C3 SOROS Alapitvány
C3 Center for Culture and Communication   Soros Foundation, Hungary

http://www.c3.hu       http://www.soros.hu


NetAid C3 and Netaid Concert LIVE BROADCAST Sponsors Technical background