MINDSWEEPER is a multi-user sound- and video-game experience. Connected via broadband the three teams located in Rotterdam, Budapest and Linz join the battle with the aim to reach and save the flag, that stands for the domination in the virtual video- and sound-space.
 Each team consists of two performer players and two open terminals provided for the public. So everybody is invited to support the performer players during the event by controlling an avatar in the gaming area.
  Each location sends a signal performed by VJ's and DJ's, that will be all mixed up as long as the flag remains in the neutral area. Does any team reach the flag and bring it to his homeland, their signal will control the video and sound-show of all the three locations. The success of the teams will be reflected by the performance happening at the party.
  The interactive environment is based on the first person shooter game UNREAL, that allows the players to interact and communicate through a chat channel.
The game consists of:
3 rooms (one for each location)
1 "nowhere land"
There is a "thing" (called "the flag", even if the thing is NOT a flag) somewhere in the "nowhere land". The Gamers at each location are forming a team - so there are 3 teams.
The goal of the game:
1) Find the flag (can be EVERYWHERE!)
2) Grab the flag
3) Bring the flag to your own room
4) Keep it there.
As long as the flag is in the nowhere land, all 3 locations are hearable (sound) and viewable (video). As soon as the flag enters a locations room, the sound coming from this location is sent out to everybody + the videostream produced by the "flag keeping" location is sent out to everybody. So the real goal of the game is: FIGHT FOR BANDWITDH!