Lecture and Presentation
10 December 1999, 7 p.m.
Lights	 and Sounds website

Born in 1959 in Germany, he studied Fine Arts in Hamburg under Claus Böhmler, Henning Christiansen, Sigmar Polke, among others. Since 1990, he has focused on exhibitions of sound installations and projects in relation to specific locations. In his work, he concentrates on synaesthetic perception. He is occupied primarily with creating innovative forms of aleatoric processes in interaction with the onlooker, based on subjects of everyday life. He lives in Sweden and Germany.

Tilman Küntzel is currently residing in Budapest within the framework of the international EMARE (European Media Artists Residency Exchange) programme. This November, in collaboration with András Szőnyi, he has created Internet projects, which he will present together with the Internet documentation of the earlier works of his LIGHTS & SOUNDS cycle, as well as concrete examples of his systems composed according to light intervals.