Machine Body Budapest - Outline
Eric Kluitenberg, Amsterdam April 1999
April 26-30 1999

The project in Budapest:

April 26-29
In the week from April 26th till the 30th, I want to explore the machine body theme with art students and other interested cyborgs, through a collection of films, documentaries, books and discussions.
Are we already cyborgs?

Do we feel at home with our machinic environment?
Is technology our ultimate fetish?
Do we enjoy the machinic orgasm?
What about the ultimate techno-power-trip?
Do we want to escape the biological body? - procreate without women?
In short what is our feeling about a century of machine body dreams and nightmares?

April 30
On the basis of this week of working a presentation is prepared in the form of a lecture/performance at C3 - created collectively by the cyborgs and the media-machines we might have at our disposal.
Enjoy the ride!