speed and energy
the techno-scene of the 20's revisited

Lecture by Siegfried Zielinski organised by C3 in the Mûcsarnok
Thursday, 26 March 1998 6 pm
Mûcsarnok Törley Terem, Heroes' Square, Budapest XIV

As a special guest of C3: Center for Culture & Communication, media archaeologist Siegfried Zielinski will make his second presentation in the Mû csarnok, following his participation in the symposium of The Butterfly Effect, zapping back and forth between the avant-garde of the 1920's and our present-day technological frontier, with a multi-textural examination of the shifting borders of cutting-edge science and art.
within the lecture excerpts of the following films, among others, will be presented:

Viking Eggeling: Diagonal Symphony
Walter Ruttmann: Opus (II-IV)
Férdinand Leger: Le Ballet Méchanique
Dziga Vertov: Man with a Movie Camera
Luis Bunuel/Salvador Dalí: Un Chien Andalou

Archived video (windows media) broadcast from the lecture

(Thursday, 26 March 1998 6 pm-8 pm)