A SCRIPTA is a selection of Hungarian periodicals on the www.

At present, Scripta contains a selection of texts on the web from nine Hungarian periodicals. Scripta offers easy access to the articles of the different publications to a wide public, in a format that allows the readers to read not only individual articles, but to read them side by side if so desired. Scripta's structure is simple, so that the requested articles can be easily found; additionally, special filters can be implemented according to various criteria, such as authors, title of articles or columns, volumes, subjects, and literary genres.

The www interface is a useful tool for non-linear reading, following the path of cross-references. It is helpful, both in a search for reading material without any specific objective and with a view to focused research. We plan to elaborate the indicated cross-references in Scripta with links to additional related material found on the Internet.

In the near future, the cataloguing and search system provided by Scripta may facilitate the archival work of periodicals, as well as play the role of a library for readers and researchers, since, in addition to the current issues, previous publications, too, will be gradually placed within Scripta.

Editors may also utilize Scripta as a vehicle for publishing articles and texts that had to be excluded from the printed publication for financial reasons or due to limitations of space, i.e., they have the opportunity to create a web-version of the periodical with a different and much freer approach to editing, as well as to reading.

C3 and the Scripta coordinators also provide assistance for the various periodicals to create their own webpage, where they can place their archive and catalogue, as well as their own editorial news, events and webforums related to the life of the periodical.

Scripta currently includes the following periodicals: Balkon, Beszélõ, Books, Buksz, Jelenkor, Lettre, Nagyvilág, Replika, and Thalassa. Of these, Books, Buksz, Thalassa and Replika have their own webpages, which are linked to Scipta, as well.