galéria animáció (145KB)

We have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of András Kapitány titled *.SR
The exhibition will be opened by János Szoboszlai on Thursday 2 April 1998 at 5.00pm
The exhibition will be open until April 17, 1998

The works shown in this exhibition have been selected from my works of the last four years, most of them influenced by the experience I gained as a student of the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. I must immediately emphasise that these works were never meant to be exhibited; they were only the results of my experimentation with different computer programs, and with a new way of thinking. Most of the animation works selected for this show examine Escher's impossible constructions. It is a mere coincidence, however, that this year is the one hundredth anniversary of Escher's birth.
The series of photographs consists of 90 pieces, 13x18 cm each, shown here so that the viewer may be able to see the images in detail. The duration and dimensions of the animation works have been to a great extent influenced by the storage capacity of the computer.

Viewpoints *.SR C3 *.SR Frieze*.SR Parasite*.SR Cube*.SR