István Kántor

Barricades, Anti-cities trilogy, Black flag

Videos to be presented in C3:
(7 pm. 28. 5. 1998.)

1. Barricades
   1992 /11 min

is a dramatic prophecy that deals with the absurdity of the laws in contemporary societies. It can be called a video-manifesto that integrates documentary images, computer animation and sonic-performance. It captures an omnious, sinister, and frightening moment of urban reality: on june 3, 1991 New York City police seized the Lower East Side´s legendary Tomkins Square Park, ejected the homeless and their supporters, and sealed off the entire park behind barricades. For the maker of this video it was clear sign of the coming apocalypse.
camera: Matty Jankowski, Krista Fry
computer animation: Boris Wanowitch
on line editor: Mael
produced with the assistance of Ontario Arts Council

2. Anti-Cities Trilogy
   Jericho 1991/17 min
   Babylon 1994/19 min
   Nineveh 1997/27 min

Each title refers to a vanished city and serves as metaphoric background for transmitting reality through the remaining mythology of ancient culture and through the open space of lost time zones filled with today´s cultural icons, surrounded by digital landscapes, 3D animation and videographic composition.

is an alarming artistic statement connecting
the biblical legend of the divine destruction
of Jericho and the living mythology of today´s
techno-empire, the city. Kántor explores
a provoking, manifesto-language to confront the
oppressive forces of technological society.
Segemented structure, computer animation,
intensive editing, visual and textual quotatins, unleashed megaphonic hyper-noise,
multi-layered images,
convulsive loops are some
of the characteristics if this work.
Computer animation: Boris Wanowitch
produced with the assistance of Canada Arts Council

The second, highly experimental piece, Babylon, investigates the unavoidable corrosion and disastruous power of tehnology through narcissistic images and industrial sounds. Kántor´s decadent vision of Babylon links high-tech spectacle and junkyard aesthetics. The heaviliy vibrating poetical structure and the absurd sonic-athosphere is articulated through crane shots of monumental scrapmetal landscapes, demonstrative and provoking close-ups of expressionist performances, surprising inserts of 3D animation and appropiated mediatic images.
camera: Gábor Medvigy
computer animation: Boris Wanowitch
on Line Editor: Mael
featuring: Alexander Chapman
produced with the assistance of Canada Arts Council

is a transmedia drama of image, text and sound, a philosophical adventure integrated in an operatic testimony. While exloring introspection, self-evaluation and intellectual-sophistication with irony and wit, Itvan Kántor comments on the multi-diemnsional existence of individual organism within today´s trans-technological society.
Niniveh´s protagonists desperately climb the mindblowing and conflicting territories of a self-centered, autonomous and imaginary philosophy, rambling from intoxicating chaos to self-indiced climax of cognition via wacóves of rebellion, idyllic nature, provoking utopia, questioning all individual and social values and presenting an urgent need for re-evaluation.
computer animation:: Dariusz Karnicki
director of photography: Kim Derko
director of editing: Michel Giroux
featuring: Angela Idealism (The Mutant Diva), Monty Cantsin (The Cult Leader)
produced with the assistance of Canada Arts Council

3. Black Flag
   1998 / 9 min

Winner of the Images Festival, Toronto, 1998 re-exploring the use of video through non-linear editing, integration of performance art, 3D animation and shocking sounds, takes a critical look at contemporary social and political issues.
It juxtaposes the noise of the body-machine and fragmented passages of words to reflect direct relations to actual political issues (kutbacs, eliminations), social situations (poverty, daily survival) and individual existence (frustration, struggle).
computer animation: Dariusz Karniczki
editor: Darren Jennekens
featuring: Jubal Brown, Julie-Andrée Tremblay, Louise Liliefeldt, Tanisha Robinson, István Kántor Monty Cantsin? Amen!
produced with the assistance of Ontario Arts Council

István Kántor prizes for video

Other presentations:

Filliou Séance
6 pm. 2. 6. 1998.
Artpool P60 1061 Paulay E. u. 60.

Executive Machinery
7 pm. 5-6. 6. 1998.
Fôvárosi Képtár/Kiscelli Museum
1037 Budapest, Kiscelli u. 108.

The Sister and the Priest
an evening of poetry/performance with Louise Bak & István Kántor
8 pm. 1. 6. 1998.
Merlin Theatre
1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4.