The lecture series is intended to bring a general overview of the field of American and European media art, the topics and themes introduced to the contemporary art discussion by media practice.

The lecture series will begin with videotapes, artists television and video (multi-media) installation works of the 1970s and 1980s, which established a credible position for the medium in art museums, artists spaces and galleries. Artists working with media and electronic technology during the 1990s, or the "new" or "multi-media" artists will be introduced in the context of the history they share with art theory and media theory - up to and including the artists who incorporate Internet, CD ROM, and computer based works, along with video and other media. Media art works will be discussed as Topics, for intensive comparative analysis and theoretical reference.

The lecture series will be held in English and is open to the general public.

Lecturer: Kathy Rae Huffman, (USA) media art curator and critic

Television and Video Art

MONDAY May 5, >> 6 - 9pm

(lecture and screening)

Part one will focus on Live TV - performance and spectacle events on television, from the 1960s to the 1980s, and the first concept program for art on TV, Video: The New Wave, originally broadcast in 1973. A secondary focus will be video art and television - with a discussion and overview of TV projects like TVTV, Ant Farm, and Paper Tiger Television.

THURSDAY May 8 > 6 - 9pm

(screening only)

Part two will introduce Interactive Internet TV, including Yorb World (NY), SIM TV3 (NHK, Japan), Van Gogh TV (Germany), and World Web Receiver, (Netherlands), and introduce live Internet radio and television projects

Women and Video Art

MONDAY May 12 > 6 - 9pm

(lecture and screening)

Part 1 will feature feminist perspectives, with historic and current works from America and Europe. A focus on narcissism, hysteria, and relationships as artistic themes will be illustrated with video samples.

THURSDAY May 15 > 6 - 9pm

(tape viewing)

Part 2 will look at women and performance, with dance and body art as video and art television.

Video as a Personal medium

MONDAY May 19 > 6 - 9pm

(lecture and screening)

Part 1 will include East European perspectives on video, with artists from Russia, former Yugoslavia, Slovenia and Croatia.

THURSDAY MAY 22 > 6 - 9 pm

(screening only)

Part 2 will center around American artists Bill Viola, Tony Oursler and Joan Jonas.