Intersubjectivity: media metaphors, play & provocation

6th international Vilém Flusser symposium
& event series

march 15-19 1997 budapest hungary

Milos Vojtechovsky

Born 1955 in Prague.
Studied Art History and Aesthetics at Charles University in Prague.
Lives in Prague and Amsterdam.
Initiator of the Center for Multimedia - Hermetical Shelter.
Curator at the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Gallery in Prague.

"Lair - Media - Tedium"
lecture for the Symposium - abstract

I will talk about the problems relating to the interpretation of Flusser’s ideas of the technical image within the context of Czech philosophy – especially the work of Jan Patocka and his approach to the technological world.

Intersubjectivity: media metaphors, play & provocation
Advisory Committee:
László Beke, director, Műcsarnok;
Wolfgang Meissner, director, Goethe-Institut Budapest;
Matthias Müller-Wieferig, Goethe-Institut Budapest;
Miklós Peternák, chair of the board, C3;
Zoltán Sebôk, theoretician; J.A.Tillmann, theoretician;
Organizers:Suzanne Mészöly, programdirector C3
Ágnes Veronika Kovács , program coordinator C3
Adele Eisenstein, program coordinátor C3

See the Goethe-Institut Budapest website on theFlusser Symposium:

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