Intersubjectivity: media metaphors, play & provocation

6th international Vilém Flusser symposium
& event series

march 15-19 1997 budapest hungary

Ryszard W. Kluszczynski

Born 1952.
Studied Literature, Aesthet ics, Theater and Film at the University of Lodz. M.A. in 1976.
Postgraduate studies in French (1982-84) and English (1985-87). Ph.D. in 1987.
Media art scholar, critic and curator.

Professional activities:

Published or edited about 10 books on the theory and history of avant-garde, especially film, video, and multimedia, and more than 100 articles on media art and experimental artistic culture.
In 1988 founded Polish Video Art Data Bank (now: Media Nomad), a private, non-profit organization for media culture.

"Irony and Metaphor: On Two Tendencies in Polish Media Art"
lecture for the Symposium - abstract

There are two active sources of energy in Poland’s artistic heritage. The first one is located in the 19th Century Romantic pattern, with its idea of the artist as creator and prophet, and art as epiphany, the revelation of ultimate truth. The second source - constructivism - belongs to the early period of the history of the avant-garde. This paradigm presents the idea of artist as a constructor and an analyst, and art as objective, self-cognitive structure. Both models influence current media and multimedia art. On one hand, we can see artists like Izabella Gustowska or Barbara Konopka, who create metaphorical, mythical-archetypical discourses. On the other hand, there are artists like Jozef Robakowski, treating art as an ironic game. And there are artists under influence of both patterns, like Wojciech Zamiara or Piotr Wyrzykowski. A combination of all attitudes makes for a richness and diversity of media art in Poland.

Intersubjectivity: media metaphors, play & provocation
Advisory Committee:
László Beke, director, Műcsarnok;
Wolfgang Meissner, director, Goethe-Institut Budapest;
Matthias Müller-Wieferig, Goethe-Institut Budapest;
Miklós Peternák, chair of the board, C3;
Zoltán Sebôk, theoretician; J.A.Tillmann, theoretician;
Organizers:Suzanne Mészöly, programdirector C3
Ágnes Veronika Kovács , program coordinator C3
Adele Eisenstein, program coordinator C3

See the Goethe-Insitute Budapest website on the Flusser Symposium:

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