Intersubjectivity: media metaphors, play & provocation

6th international Vilém Flusser symposium
& event series

march 15-19 1997 budapest hungary

Marina Grzinic

Ph.D. is Research Assistant at the Institute of Philosophy in the Center for Scientific Research of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana.
She has worked as a freelance critic and curator and published extensively on contemporary art, new media, culture and social phenomena.
Involved in video art since 1982, she has realized in collaboration with Aina Smid more than 20 video art projects
Receiving several major international awards (Videonale, Bonn 1992; Deutscher Videokunst Preis/Multimediale 3, Karlsruhe 1993; International Film Festival, San Francisco 1994 and 1995).
Participated on the Moment Before Discovery Symposion at the Butterfly Effect event series, Budapest, 1996.

The Net Called Human Relations
lecture for the symposium - abstract

In this paper, the author will talk about two parallel metaphors - worlds: about the metaphor of the media net structure, which claims to be without borders, limits and restrictions; and about the world of real human relations, described as restrictive and hegemonic.
Why and how can the metaphor of one or the other world overlap and intersect?
And why do we soon find ourselves in the position of wishing to have some borders and limits?

Intersubjectivity: media metaphors, play & provocation
Advisory Committee:
László Beke, director, Műcsarnok;
Wolfgang Meissner, director, Goethe-Institut Budapest;
Matthias Müller-Wieferig, Goethe-Institut Budapest;
Miklós Peternák, chair of the board, C3;
Zoltán Sebôk, theoretician; J.A.Tillmann, theoretician;
Organizers:Suzanne Mészöly, programdirector C3
Ágnes Veronika Kovács , program coordinator C3
Adele Eisenstein, program coordinator C3

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