Stephen Kovats

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Screening and presentation/discussion - Wednesday November 6 - 19:00

International Video Forum

Programs of contemporary Video Art examining the East-West transformation process OSTranenie, the International Video Forum, running for the second time since 1993 at the Bauhas Dessau Foundation in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, was attended by over 100 artists from 25 countries, predominantly from Eastern and Central Europe, participating in the screening of new tapes, as well as in the presentation of over 30 video and multimedia installations, performances, lectures and seminars. We are pleased to have Stephen Kovats from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (Studio Electronic Media Interpretation) here as our guest, to present a sampling of OSTranenie 95, and to discuss future opportunities for participating in the ongoing forum.

Józef Robakowski (PL) Hommage to Brezniev
Ivar Smedstad (D) Picksel
Aija Stafecka (LT) Disturbings in the Count of Time
Simon Bogojevic Naratia (HR) The City
Marko Kovacic (SLO) No More Heroes Anymore

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