[hungarian version]

Could you send a word in a six year old child's voice, wich we will record on a CD-ROM, from each country.
The word we ask the child to say is: "SILENCE".
Please inclose the child's name, his or her date of birth, his or her residence.
On the first of June in Hungary during the afternoon between 5 pm and 5.30 pm we will be silent. We won't move about if not necessary, we won't scream, make music or any noise whatsoever. Next year on the first of June, hopefully all of Europe will do the same, the year after perhaps the whole world will do the same.
From the 2nd of June in `96 till the end of time a CD-player will start playing inside the so called "SILENCE-SCULPTURE" in Budapest, in every language we have collected. If we have succeded something will happen that has never happened before. Those children or people will then be ready for communication and understanding.
Every day at 5.30 pm that sculpture will take a picture of people in Vörösmarthy square at that time.
A minute later, 5.31 pm you can get it on Internet!

Andor Lukáts / actor