Ricardo Dominguez
72 South 8th Street, Apartment #4
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Ricardo Dominguez: Co-founder of the Electronic Disturbance Theater: A network_art_activism project. (1998 - 00)

Senior Editor of The Thing (http://bbs.thing.net), an on-line journal. (Moderator of the *InfoWar* thread.) (1996 - 00)

Editor, The X-Art Foundation. Blast 5: Drama. (1994 - 1996). On and off line curation of: Hypertext, gallery exhibition, digital performances, and street actions.

1999: Digital Projects:

Performances and Presentations “Etoy vs. Etoys: 12 days of X-mas action”: Collaborative performance with rtmark.com, bbs.thing.net and rhizome.org. (Due to the effectiveness of our action the Electronic Disturbance Site was shutdown by Etoys.com).

“Virtual Y2K”: Performative intervention with The Electronic Disturbance Theater. Watson Institute of International Studies and the Ford Foundation, Brown University, Providence, RI November.

“Last (no)exit: net”: Netbased collaboration (“Genetic Response System”). Part of group net art selection for Ciberarte '99 by Jose Luis Brea
http://www.ciberart99.ua.es/m_g_prog.htm (follow links- seleccion net-art)

“NSA_Show”: A performance by The Electronic Disturbance Theater. InfoWarCon (Conference). Crystal City, Virginia August.

“Artificial Geographic”: Fakeshop Worker Broadcast of CUSeeMe conferencing event and performance with 'Fakeshop' and 'Los Fantasmas' on tv, radio, and internet for "The Next Five Minutes" in Amsterdam, March.

"Genetic Response System": Collaborative netbased site for Life 2.0 competition in Madrid Spain, received honorable mention, exhibited with their "Best of Life 2.0" exhibition. January. With Fakeshop and Diane Ludin

1998: Digital Projects: Performances and Presentations

“SWARM”: An ECD Project for ARS Electronica Festival '98 (Linz, Austria).

Revolting”: Trans-activism and Infrastructures (Manchester, England). August

“The Electronic Disturbance Theater”. A Thing Project. (NYC).

“Multiple Dwellings”: Fakeshop Worker: A digital installation and physical performance. (Brooklyn, NY) June

“Vanitites”: Hypertext fiction and image collage created in collaboration with Diane Ludin for TRACE Online journal-FRAME 2.

“Electronic Civil Disobedience:”: A project of electronic theory and practice with Stefan Wray.

1997: Digital Projects: Performances and Presentations

“ZapatistaPortAction”: M.I.T. (Boston). A 12 week RealAudio/RealVideo exhibtion in collaboration with ArtNet- Web, MIT, and Psuedo.com, NYC. http://www5.awa.com/zapa/starthi.html

“Future's Memory: A 13 Episode Cuseeme TV Project “ (Manhattan Cable TV). A collaboration with Diane Ludin and Floating Point Unit.

“Blast 5: Drama “ (Sandra Gering Gallery, NYC). A collaborative hypertext and digital performance with Jordan Crandall.

“In The Flow: Alternative Authoring Strategies.” (Franklin Furnace, NYC) An interactive installation in collaboration with the X-Art foundation.

1996: Digital Projects: Performances and Presentations

“Thing Project: Vanessa Beecroft.” With Vanessa Beecroft

VR Timeline: html conceptualism. Curated by Mark Amerika.

“Dollspace.: A Haunting” with Francesca da Rimini.


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