Open Day


Beginning at 4:00pm, 17 October 2000

@ C3: Center for Culture & Communication

Budapest I. Országház u. 9.

Budapest Autumn Festival


In the framework of the Budapest Autumn Festival, we have the pleasure to invite you for the programs of the Open Day of C3: Center for Culture & Communication



16.00 Media Art and Media History:

Discussion with Hungarian artists who have participated in the EMARE (European Media Artists Residency Exchange) Programme, about their experiences in European media centers and the conditions for the creation and presentation of media artworks.
Participating artists: Eike Berg, Szabolcs KissPál, Erika Katalina Pásztor, László László Révész. The discussion is moderated by Miklós Peternák, Director, C3.


17.00 Presentation of, a new, on-line forum for culture and the social sciences:

Kontextus (, in the collaboration of four Hungarian periodicals (Beszélõ, Buksz, Café Bábel and Replika) intends to develop a critical forum, based on topics outlined by editors and moderators, which would also become a site for the provision of cultural services. The new website is presented by Marcell Sebõk, editor-in-chief of


17.30 Presentation of artworks created in the framwork of a joint artists-in-residence programme of CICV, France, and C3, Budapest:

Gregory Chatonsky & Reynald Drouhin: Revenances


Institut Francais de Budapest


19.00 Duality of Culture Almanac:

The presentation of a new media artwork - multimedia CD and web project - in development at C3. The project re-models traditional almanacs in line with the potentials of the new media.

During the 20th century, calendars and almanacs have provided an increasingly widening space for literature and the visual arts, some of them directly developing into supplements for anthologies and art albums in their own right. The new calendar format at the turn of the millennium might be the CD-Rom, which facilitates the public’s access to various branches of science and art, in addition to literature and fine arts; at the same time, the new format ensures the further development of the long-existing almanac genre, as well as its accomodation to the demands of a transformed world.

The project has been created by Róbert Langh and Miklós Szalay, and edited by Attila Gángoly.



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