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the graphical interface of the java application

The interface of the program starting to the "Create a keyfile" command

  • in the "File" menu you can find the commands related to files: - to encrypt/decrypt files stored on your disks ("Encrypt a file", "Decrypt a file")
  • The "Keyfile" menu contains the commands related to the keyfile:
    • "Create a keyfile" by clicking on this command a new window will appear on the screen with two drawing-planes, two buttons and a status-line on the center men�ben tal�lhat�k a titkos�t�s kulcs�val kapcsolatos parancsok: - on the two drawing planes you can draw two "sideviews" of the keyfile by clicking at the contour-points of the sideview-polygons. The drawn polygons will be the sideviews of the resulting three dimensional key-object. - by clicking on the "Clear button" you can clear both of the working planes, and start again the drawing. - if you click on the "Ready" button, the program attempts to create a keyfile using your two "side-views". If it fails it gives you an error message in the status-line, otherwise you can save your new keyfile with the help of a file-selector.
  • - the "Select keyfile" menu gives you the possibility to use a previously created keyfile for the encryption/decryption. You can specify it through a file-selector.
  • - at the upper half of the program-window the text-editing window is located: the program also writes some reports into this worplace, but if you would like to type in or edit some text, you can use this container.
  • - below the text-editing workspace you can find two buttons with commands related to the textbox:
  • - by clicking on "Encrypt the contents of the textbox" the actual content of the textbox is encrypted into a Cryptogram: you cane save the result with the help of the appearing file-selector.
  • - by clicking on "Clear textbox" you can clear the actual content of the textbox