Web project produced within the framework of Internet.galaxis 98 with 
  the support of C3: Center for Culture & Communication,
Soros Foundation Hungary.                 Open for Voting:
                                             Museum of Applied Art 
                                             (Iparmûvészeti Múzeum) Budapest
                                             26 February - 4 March 1998
                                             10:00 - 20:00

   Focusing on the communication between State and citizen, 
  Andreja Kuluncic investigates wheter, according to recent experience, 
 there exist a genuine dialogue between the State and its citizens. Stepping 
into the interactivity of he work, the visitors casts his/her vote with the 
  choice of green (yes) or red (no). With this action, the colouration of
 gradually appearing text is influenced on the screen placed in the museum. 
   The complete text, which is quoted from the Constitution, will become 
clearly visible on the final day of the exhibition. According to the original
    project plan, the text would have been placed inside the Parliament, 
     whereby the Members of Parliament would have been able to acquire 
      information about the opinions of the citizens on-line 
     during the course of one week. As this was unfortunately 
       unrealisable due to technical difficulties within 
            the Parliament, all sections of the project are
                     on view within Internet.galaxis 98.