The Installation

The installation is a multisensorial perception- and manipulation device. It uses several modes of interaction to both read and influence the user(s):

3D audio-kinetics: Through spatial, 3D sound projected from the loudspeakers the user is immersed in a moving audio pattern (audial reality) of the creature's constantly-changing virtual body, surrounding and enclosing the user inside the creature itself.

VR: the primary user is visully immersed in a non-linear, non-cartesian computer constructed 3D reality of the creatures body.

Light: the user is flooded in light inversly in intensity to the creatures emotional arousal.

Body suit: The body suit of the user serves as an intelligent, two way communication interface to the creature. It provides (i) tactile stimuli so that the creature can touch the user's body, and (ii) the creature sense the body condition of the human through the built-in bio-sensors.