The Development Team

Knut Mork is an artist and software engineer. His previous works (sense:less and A Single Drop of Blood) experiment with the construction of synaesthetic experiences. He is recognized as one of the most promising talents in the media art scene.

Stahl Stenslie is working on cognition and perception manipulative projects within the fields of art, media and network-research. Lives and works as a media artist and media researcher in Cologne, Germany and Oslo, Norway. He graduated from the University of Oslo, the Art academies of Oslo and Duesseldorf, and has a masters from the Media Academy of Cologne, Germany.

Their first collaboration, together with Marius Watz and Kate Pendry, was called sense:less and was awarded an honorary mention by the 1996 Prix Ars Electronica. It was exhibited at the ISEA/DEAF '96 festival in Rotterdam.

Cowork and co-programming by Karl Anders Øygard and Lars Nilsson