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In November 2021, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL project invited me, unexpectedly. The invitation said: THE STRUGGLE… would be a multi-player, participatory performance on the physical and mental condition of digital artists. Since they spoke about physical condition and me having recently become awkward with my right hand, on account of a stroke a cripple, I decided to participate. I entered the Qualifier Match 4 of the 1st person shooter game, as cannon fodder. I was predictably clumsy and slow though I did score "1 kill". I was wondering, at the time, wether the "1 kill" would qualify as proof of play? Startlingly, contenders of the Final Match - Counter Performance did come back to the fundamental question: "0 kill or 1 kill(s)" to deliberate their steps. See Fondazione Spara on discord #conspiracy.

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